Stocking Flower Making Tutorial – my creative urge in Indian style :)

So, what is our next patriotic holiday? I have this little souvenir to give Actually, the original idea was to make an exotic Indian flower, but, firstly, I’m not so skillful yet to replicate hibiscus or flame of the forest, … Continue reading

Bombay High Court building – a proper home for Justice and Mercy

Just next to the Rajabai Tower and the University of Mumbai there is another building which is definitely worth slowing down your pace – Bombay High Court. I’ve never tried to imagine a proper home for Justice and Mercy, but … Continue reading

Ganpati Temples: my photo collection

Ganpati festival 2015 is coming, and they’ve laready started constructing the temples here and there. I’m rather intrigued what they are going to be like this year. Small, and big, simple and sophisticated, awkward and elegant – I’ve already seen … Continue reading