About IndiaPalette

Welcome to IndiaPalette, a site dedicated to our beautiful world, with its exquisite vistas of nature, its brilliant cities and vividly diverse cultures.

This is a place to share your adventures and experiences with others, and to share their adventures and experiences in return. Explore different cultures, share scenes of unrivaled beauty, or simply talk about your point of view. IndiaPalette invites you to share your own unique view of reality!

You can..

  • Share cultural and travel experiences in India and other countries; discuss places and share your impressions of them.
  • Exchange useful travel tips or ask advice of experienced travelers;
  • plan and discuss future journeys;
  • enjoy a vast array of photographs and videos from around the world;
  • have interesting discussions on culture, philosophy, art, photography, architecture, history and much more;
  • And of course, tell the world about the place you live in, about what makes it special, share with people around the world the unique point of view of a resident, and show them the places and things in your hometown that you most love.

And besides all this, you can make new friends who share the same interests, and have fascinating conversations on just about any topic that appeals to you.

Reach out to a world that is itself reaching out to you…