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Some of the topics on IndiaPalette

…When I feel I’m about to lose my battle against the routine, everything I have to do is just to catch a local train and get to Mumbai. This city has a mysterious power to recharge my emotional batteries. Or perhaps not so mysterious – have you heard of so called cultural shock? Keep reading

Victoria TErminus

…Mehendi application started in ancient Egypt around 5000 years ago, spreading gradually to other regions. They say, originally it was meant to cool the body, but later it started to serve decorative, ceremonial and ritual purpose. The art of mehendi reached our time through millennia, and we have a chance to admire and even experience this quaint form of body art. Keep reading


…The night skies in Myanmar are beautiful beyond comprehension – you can see right into the heart of the galaxy, and there are thousands of glittering stars scattered across the heavens. I find it so sad that in many human cities one cannot see the stars. To not look to the stars, is, in my opinion, to lose sight of the larger picture, to forget that all of humanity with its cares and hopes and dreams are actually part of a far larger universe. It is to become immersed in the little pond in which we live, and to forget the vast ocean of eternity beyond. Keep reading


…Basically, Archanes is far from being that dull-looking poor settlement one would expect to see deep in the continent. And it’s definitely not the kind of a village a Ukrainian would have in mind. Roads paved and lined with exotic flowers, houses painted bright, neat gardens, porches and balconies where one could even abandon the idea of seeking Eden. Keep reading


…The mountains are the place for a person who can appreciate beauty and subtlety in the world around them. The mountains are the place for soft, heart-touching sunsets, or dawns with the mist hanging over the valleys like a veil. The mountains are a place of soft forest paths where dreams seem to hide behind a spruce in the middle distance, where fairies seem to have just left a sun-dappled clearing that one discovers; where the flowers, the leaves, the animals, and indeed all of nature, seem to be much more alive than anywhere in the world. Keep reading


…My dream when I graduated was going to Africa. Like manny young boy’s I was fascinated by the animals, the adventure and Dr. Livingstone. Africa is a continent that changes people. We always change, but back than I went as a little boy and came back as a man with a bag full of beauty, horror, sadness, happiness, and a Never Stop Exploring spirit. Keep reading


…Spotting koalas, wallabies, numerous birds in their natural habitat is like day dreaming for me! Somewhere on the backside of my mind I always used to think that these were imaginary species. Keep reading


…I’ve always hated the inevitable equestrian statues that seem to stand so superciliously in many town squares, generally of some forgettable or unforgettable hero, justly or unjustly glorified, rampant upon a vast and tireless mount, and looking more serious than any man, living or dead, has any right to be. And yet there are exceptions to the rule, statues that can certainly be both equestrian and charming all in one, and here below are a few of my favorites. Keep reading


…Does the human thoughts have a chemical composition? Like everything in the world including our human body and the star dust and the universe made up of elements. So if we can consider a human thought is like a form of energy or a formless entity does it has any chemical composition?Keep reading

…Anton Chekhov is such a student of human nature, and each little story by him is a detailed character portrait all in itself. From the serf to the artisan to the princess, this brilliant man looks so deeply and so effortlessly into the hearts and souls and dreams and motivations of his fellow human beings. Keep reading


…The world would be dull without flowers. India wouldn’t – it has enough colors to caress one’s eyes even without blooming plants. But here they are, tender and beautiful, contributing to the charm of the country. Keep reading