Ganpati Temples: my photo collection

Ganpati festival 2015 is coming, and they’ve laready started constructing the temples here and there. I’m rather intrigued what they are going to be like this year. Small, and big, simple and sophisticated, awkward and elegant – I’ve already seen … Continue reading

Places to visit with kids in Navi Mumbai (Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Kharghar)

There are lots of places to visit with kids in Navi Mumbai, but it took me time to discover them. I hope this post will help other parents to diversify the activities of their small ones.  We’ve been to quite … Continue reading

Lotus flowers – of many layers of cultural significance and purity of perception

Just like roses are heavily overused in western culture, lotus flowers are rather cliched in the the east. It’s difficult to keep one’s perception pure when something is coated with so many layers of cultural significance. However, when I see … Continue reading

My daughter in a traditional Ukrainian outfit, or Of national identity of kids in intercultural marriages

A few years ago my aunt sent a very meaningful gift for Adriana (at that time Alexandra and Ares weren’t there with us yet) – “vyshyvanka”. It’s a traditional Ukrainian shirt with beautiful embroidery. The colors of the Ukrainian embroidery … Continue reading