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10 adult coloring books that inspire travel

I noticed a positive effect of coloring long time ago. Turning a black-and-white page into an intricate illustration helped me survive long Ukrainian winters with their catastrophic lack of color. Years later coloring came in handy when I searched for ways to reduce parenting stress. Whenever I had a free minute,  I used to grab my pencils and let my imagination take me away. Meanwhile Adriana was growing, and coloring became one of favorite mother-and-daughter pastimes. Now we have regular coloring sessions with all three kids, and it’s so much fun.

Adult coloring books are rather trendy at the moment, and I like the idea of them. This simple and pleasant activity helps one expand their creative mind, awaken a child in them and bring more beauty to the world. And I’ve already mentioned the pacifying and calming effect. Travel coloring books for adults are especially charming. They inspire wanderlust and give us a chance to explore the faraway lands without leaving home. Also, they make a wonderful gift for someone with inquisitive mind and passion for travel. Here I’ve selected a few travel themed coloring books you might find interesting (click the photos to find more information):

1.Fantastic structures

In this book real photos of world famous buildings  were used to create elaborate line drawings. Here you’ll find London’s Tower Bridge, Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Prague’s Astronomical Clock and many other structures to boost your wanderlust.
2. Fantastic Cities

The Fantastic Cities adult coloring book offers you some travel inspiration through the set of breathtaking aerial views. It’s made as a calendar to satisfy your creative urges all year round.

3. Colour the World

Choose your own color scheme for panoramic landscapes, amazing structures and intricate patterns gathered in this gorgeous coloring book. Highly detailed line drawings of Machu Picchu, Big Ben, Notre Dame de Paris, Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace and other sites will take you on  a long exciting journey.

4. Secret New York

The Secret New York contains an extraordinary collection of line drawings to color in and enjoy. discover the city of dreams with its bustling atmosphere from the comfort of your home.

5. Magical Journey

Go on an adventure with Lizzie Mary Cullen (the artist behind this beautiful coloring book for adults) and get immersed into the most astounding landscapes and charming cities.  Discover your inner artist and go on an epic trip to explore the mountains of New Zealand, the Amazon jungle and so on.

6. Fantastic Cityscape

Lose yourself in  the imaginary world of bending skyscrapers, composite textures and extraordinary streets. This books provides an artistic outlet and brings enjoyment to everyone with a tiniest spec of wanderlust.

7. Tropical  Wonderland

Offering extraordinarily detailed illustrations, the Tropical Wonderland coloring book encourages you not only to explore the jungle, but also bring its exotic inhabitants to life. Butterflies and flowers, fruits and vines, reptiles and exotic birds can’t wait to be colored in!

8. Magical Jungle

The magical world of flora and fauna is waiting to be colored in. Exotic plants, delicate blossoms, fierce predators, naughty monkeys, extravagant butterflies and flamboyant hummingbirds are there to brighten your day.

9. Travel Between the Lines

47 inspiring citiscapes from all over the world are crying for a touch of color! Ranging from simple line drawings to complex illustrations, the architectural delights of Prague, Vilnius,  La Paz and Quito are perfect for everyone who love to travel, explore and create. By the way, Katie and Geoff, the authors of this coloring book, are  inspiring travel writers who share their amazing experiences on the blog Wandertooth . You can get a feel of what their coloring books are like by downloading a free page from “Travel Between the Lines: Coloring Mexico”.
10. Ocean

Let your imagination run  wild when giving some color to the grey-scale images of beautiful seascapes and amazing creatures.

Enjoy coloring and brighten the world!
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