10 things I like about Mumbai!

It’s been some time since I found my home in Mumbai, so I thought it’d write a post to pay tribute to this mind blowing city. Whenever I dive into its streets, it leaves me completely exhausted physically, but miraculously regenerated emotionally. So, the things I like in Mumbai!

1.Mumbai trains

Yes, I know, many of you are going to think I’m crazy 🙂 Well, I’m sure I would hate Mumbai trains, too, if I was subjected to these crowds every day, but as I go on a train journey only once in a while, it’s a place of curiosity for me: people, landscapes, cityscapes … Besides, if you want to get a unique experience of traveling by an empty Mumbai train, come to the station at 4.30 am!


2. Architecture

When a city’s railway station is like a palace and a Municipal Corporation building is like a cathedral, and the High Court is like a castle, you’re going to love its architecture

CST (or VT – Victoria Terminus)


The Municipal Corporation Building


General Post Office


Flora Fountain


Even Mc’Donalds in Mumbai is in a building like this!


Picturesque ruins


3 Sunrise

I don’t know what the sunsets in the city are like, but sunrises are stunning. This photo was taken in the Hanging Garden – the place was full of people practicing yoga and greeting the sun.


4. Street food

Yes, I’m aware of spices and hygiene, but sometimes it’s just impossible to resist, especially when you’ve already explored a great many streets and would like to take a break, eat one of those purees, wadas, dosas, samosas or what not and quietly observe the life around you.




5. Double decker buses

It’s just like in the school English textbook 🙂 Taking a ride in such a bus around Colaba, you can easily imagine yourself visiting London!


6. The sea

It’s no secret that the port cities have a special charisma. The Arabian sea of Mumbai, dirty as it is and with unusual beach activities, are still the sea – with all the positive consequences!




7 Markets

Visiting a market in Mumbai, you can get the authentic flavor of an oriental bazaar. Paired with a fine example of British colonial architecture, a place represents an interesting mix of cultures. The Crawford market is often included in my routes around Mumbai 🙂


8. Cheap entertainments for kids

Pay as little as 15 rupees – and you’re inside the city aquarium. Taraporewala Aquarium is rather humble, without all those stunning displays you expect from an oceanarium in a big city, but kids don’t care – they simply love those glimpses into the sea life the place allows.

9. Museums

There are few museums in Mumbai, too few. With sufficient care, lots of interesting places of historical value could be turned into small quaint museums. But The Prince of Wales museum is worth a thousand smaller places – its exterior, halls, and exhibits are nothing but glorious.


10. Local charm

Well, I fail to find the right words to actually express what I mean. But look at the photo below and you’ll get the idea!


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9 thoughts on “10 things I like about Mumbai!

    • I think I know the place, and a great many books have already been discovered 🙂 Quite a few of them found a new home on the shelves of my bookcase. Apple Tea sounds interesting, thanks a lot for recommending!

  1. Beautiful! Mumbai is magical. I believe its magic has emerged from Bollywood. the locations and lifestyle of Mumbai have been shown in so many Indian movies that when you see all that in real, it’s fascinating.

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