7 Useful Tips that Will Assist in Creating an Amazing Travel Blog

This post is brought to  you by a guest contributor Jessica Watson of Halong Bay Tours.

There are hundreds, no thousands of travel blogs available on the internet and everyone wants their site to stand out.  Unfortunately, that can be a tricky thing, unless a person knows what to do in order to make their travel blog both unique and intriguing.

Blogging tips

Thankfully, there are many ways for every blogger to turn their blog from one of those thousands to the one that is read by many.  Some of these ways are super easy, while the others are fairly difficult and time consuming.

Here are 7 useful  tips that will assist in creating an amazing travel blog:

1. Read

Blogging tips

Every blogger might be too tired to read at the end of the day after the whole day of typing and content creating, but it is one of the most important things.  Reading can help a person expand their horizons, learn about everything that they don’t know in the travel industry, and see what type of writing they love and don’t love.  A few options that every travel blogger should consider include other blogs, books about writing, and of course, fiction and other non-fiction books.

2.Start with What is Known

Blogging tips

Every travel blogger should begin by writing about things they know.  No writing can be satisfactory, and no travel blog can be successful if a person has no idea what they are talking about.  It is understandable that no travel blogger has been to every country and city in the world, but they should write about places they’ve actually been to.  After all, no one can write convincingly about one of the famous Halong Bay Tours or walking around New York City, unless they have actually done it themselves.  Once they write about what is familiar to them, they can experiments with subjects and styles.

 3.Provide a Service

Every travel blogger loves writing about their experiences from their journeys.  However, once a follower has read one long semi-boring story about how the blogger walked along the beach while gazing at the water before heading to a restaurant for some delicious pizza, well, they’re not going to want to read it again.  Most of the travel blogs out there are full of blog posts with that same information.  Therefore, apart from trying to inspire a reader by a personal story, travel bloggers should also include some useful information in their posts: tips on things to do, things to avoid, best places to dine, museums to visit (preferably with addresses).

Some of the ways a travel blogger can change their writing includes adding why a destination is special and the numerous cultural differences that were seen during the trip.  Each post should include more “you” words and less “I” and “me”, plus it should have advice as to how every reader can experience the same things if they were to travel to the same place.

4.Add Videos

 Blogging tips

Everyone sticks with writing on their travel blogs, but a blogger who wants site blog to stand out will want to incorporate videos as well.  These videos can be made  while a blogger is on the road or even  before or after the trip.  Each video should contain information that the blog’s audience is interested in, while being creative and one of a kind.

An example would be a travel blogger including a video on their site about packing for a trip.  Instead of writing a post that would contain a huge list of things to pack for a vacation, the blogger could choose to post a video of them actually packing for their trip.  These videos do not need to be long, but they should capture a person’s attention.  If they are done properly, the videos may receive more likes and shares than some of the more popular posts on the site.


It can be difficult for a travel blogger to network successfully in their own industry as everyone is vying for the same goal.  However, travel bloggers can successfully network within other industries as long as their services are related.  A few network opportunities can be found at blogger conventions, expos, summits, and more.  Travel bloggers should attend these events, introduce themselves, and then network so that people find out that they are travel experts.  Most of the people that travel bloggers network with at these events want to have guest posts written about travel on their blogs, but have no idea who they can call to do them.

6.Create Products

The most successful travel blogs have a plethora of products available for their followers.  Some of these products can be offered for free when a person signs up for emails, while others would be offered for a small fee.  Most of the free products would include packing lists or a blank itinerary or things to do list that can be filled in.  The items that a travel blogger would charge for would be PDFs of an E-book, destination guides, or tours.  Some of the best travel bloggers even offer consulting and trip planning assistance on their websites.

7.Love to Write and Travel

 Blogging tips

If the love and passion for writing or traveling ever goes away, there is no chance for a travel blogger of becoming successful.  This is an occupation that needs to be nurtured in order to stay motivated.  Also, no one should ever become a travel blogger solely for money.  Yes, there is some money involved, as well as free trips and hotel stays, but the main focus of every travel blogger should be on sharing the joy of traveling and providing engaging and useful content  for the readers.

Consider these tips when trying to improve your travel site and bring the whole blogging thing to a new level. These are not all, of course.  It always takes time to make a travel blog successful, and changes will need to be made along the way.



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