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A gift from the gulmohar tree

[justify]We go to the nearest park for a walk – me and my little man. His name is Ares, but so far he has very little in common with the Greek god of war – he’s calm, patient, relaxed, placid and always ready to smile. Ares is only four months old, but he makes a great companion, looking at the sky, trees and flowers with curiosity and silent appreciation (at least it seems to me so).We join the stream of  walkers,  who come to the park for a few quick rounds.

I’m lost in my thoughts and we usually don’t stop for small talks, but it’s pleasant for me to see the smiles on people’s faces when our eyes meet. I smile in return. Sometimes, without stopping, women in colorful salwar kameezes, sarees  and sport shoes ask where my two elder daughters are. Without stopping, I reply that it’s impossible for me to manage three of them when going out, so these days they take turns. After three or four rounds Ares is getting tired of the abundance of new impressions, and the rhythmical movements of our walk make his eyes close. He tries to resist, but no, they do close 🙂

I continue walking, trying to reset my mind after the whole day of child care and home chores. At first I let my thoughts float freely and undisturbed, then  I intentionally take out one thing after another from the storage box of my memory: a book I read as a teenager, a movie I watched with my friend, an interesting conversation I had with my husband.  

Suddenly a beautiful red  flower slowly  and gracefully falls near my feet. Oh yes, in this time of the year the gulmohar trees in India start to lose their lovely blooms. In the world it’s known under a number of names:  gulmohar tree, Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant, flame tree, Malinche and so on.

For days I was going to take some photos of the tree in its full scarlet glory, but one thing or another kept coming in the way.  Now I’m touched by this charming farewell from the tree, sending me one of its last gifts. I just have to take a picture of this flower, no matter how uncomfortable it is to hold Ares in one hand and search for the camera in my purse with another. But finally the camera is found and here we go – you can admire my gulmohar with me.[/justify]  



[justify]Here you can see some more images of gulmohar tree:

[url=]Photo of the day[/url]

And this is about one of the nicest parks in Navi Mumbai:

[url=]A Visit to Nerul Rock Garden in Navi Mumbai[/url][/justify]

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