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A mysterious flower from Dadar flower market

I wonder how come such a flower enthusiast as me has never been to Dadar flower market yet. I guess  it has a lot to do with timing – being a typical “owl”, I find it extremely difficult to wake up early in the morning. Alas, the best time to visit Dadar wholesale flower market is 5.00 to 8.00 am, though some shops are still open till around 10.00. But it’s really worth it: the flowers are fantastic, the whole mountains of them! The place is definitely in my things to see in Mumbai list.

According to my husband, who is lucky to be an early bird, the market offers a wast array of blooms, and wedding decorators, event managers, professional florists and street sellers buy them in bulk. By the way, it’s a nice gift idea to come to the Dadar flower market and to buy a few hundreds of roses, orchids, herberas or gladioluses for your beloved ones, if they appreciate this sort of present of course. In any case, it would be unexpected, original, romantic and … on budget. Yes, flowers are generally cheap in Mumbai, and even cheaper if you buy them wholesale. Some exotic varieties are available there too, like this one. I’m not even sure about its name, but I liked the color combination and thick, strong texture of the petal.

flower dadar

Anyway, after my husband’s visits to the markets we have a chance to decorate the house with these sorts of flowers and to rest our eyes on them at least for a week.

flowers from dadar market dadar flower market dadar flowers dadar flowers market flowers from dadar

Hm, another question I’ve been wondering about – where are all these flowers grown??? considering the amount of flowers they sell in Mumbai, there should be gardens or the whole fields full of flowering plants, yet I’ve never had a chance to spot anything like that over here.

Useful information

The address of the market:

  • Senapati Bapat road, near Dadar railway station,  West Mumbai
  • It’s best to get there by the local train

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