Kharghar hills
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A quick monsoon trip to the Kharghar hills

Thinking of visiting the Kharghar hills in rainy season? Rest assured, it’s totally worth it.  

Going through a monsoon without visiting the Sahyadri mountain range would have been a sad thing. Normally I would head to Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar or some other iconic hill station Maharashtra is dotted with. But if I can’t, there is always a tested and proven option of exploring one’s own backyard.

Fortunately enough, there is a lovely nature spot within the limits  of Navi Mumbai: located hardly 30 km away from the place where I live, the Kharghar hills  make a perfect monsoon destination. I’ve already  mentioned them on this site some years back, and my utter admiration for this place still holds true. From lush greenery to scenic waterfalls and stunning vistas, the Kharghar hills have it all. With easy hikes and moderate heights, this place  is a pleasure to visit with kids.

Kharghar hills

Things to do in Kharghar hills

Well, I don’t think  there are any particular tips on what to do in a place like this – it kind of comes naturally the moment you set your eyes on the sprawling green hills. But anyway, these are some  of the things I usually do:

Go for a hike

 The stones might be quite sleeper, so make sure to have some proper footwear with proper grip that holds your feet in place. Also, if you get  off the beaten path, beware of snakes (oops!) I haven’t seen  any, to be honest, but I’ve been repeatedly warned by various people.

Admire the beautiful views

 With all the imaginable shades of green, the Kharghar hills provide some really breathtaking views from the top.

Take a close look at all the plants and flowers

The textures, shapes and sizes of the leaves, grass blades and flowers are definitely worth paying a close attention  to when visiting the Kharghar hills. It’s one of my favourite pastimes, to say the truth, and I find it so aesthetically pleasing.

Unleash the photographer in you, but without getting fanatic  

Needless to say, in a place like this you won’t feel like leaving your camera for a moment.  Make sure it doesn’t detract from the whole experience though.

Have a picnic

Having a quick snack in a company of like minded people will definitely add to the charm of your visit. Taking a flask of hot tea or coffee is highly advisable. 

Dip in the waterfall

There is one big waterfall and myriads of smaller  ones in the Kharghar hills, and you can either admire the might of the gushing water from the distance or actually come closer and get soaked.

Photos of the Kharghar hills

Here are some of my favourite photos of this place. 

Kharghar hills
Serene and scenic
Kharghar hills
One of the countless waterfalls

Kharghar hills

It was Bruce’s first experience of the sort, by the way
Needless to say, he was overjoyed
And so were the rest of the kids
The rocks are rather slippery, so one has to balance
Thoughtful Adriana


Bucolic happiness 🙂

Kharghar hills
Can I stay here forever, please?
There is a lot to think of after a good hike 🙂

We’ll definitely be back !

Kharghar hills on the map

  And here are the Kharghar hills on the map to help you easily locate them 


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