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meWelcome to IndiaPalette! I’m Antonina, and this is my virtual home. I was born in Kherson, Ukraine, where I spent the first 27 years of my life. Then I moved to India. I’m sure you’ve heard people comparing India to an emotional roller coaster – today you love this country with your whole heart and tomorrow the only thing you can think of is packing your bags and leaving as soon as possible. That’s all true. Shortly after my shift one of my friends asked me what were my first impressions of India. This was my response:

I’m amazed, horrified, puzzled, fascinated, irritated, pleased, flattered, intrigued, furious and happy. If it makes any sense at all 🙂

Now, after all these years, things are much calmer, of course. But the feeling of living an adventure has never faded away, and this is what I love this country for.

Some random facts about me

~ I’m married and a proud mother of three charming kids

my little ones

~ I’m an avid reader who keeps buying books in spite of catastrophic lack of space

~ I’m a freelance copywriter who has tried multiple careers – a teacher, librarian, private language tutor and interpreter in a dating agency just to name a few

~ I’m a huge fan of flowers and flower photography

~ Mumbai is my favorite city ever – it’s managed to outshine even Kiev

~ I travel much less than I would like to, but I don’t give up 🙂

my travels


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Antonina,
    very nice site ! i really appreciate it….
    Please give me Ur mail address if u can i will tell u lots of place in Mumbai to visit which most of the peoples doesn’t know.
    i will give you a list of such a pretty places guides in Mumbai , Mumbai suborder, n navi Mumbai
    n thanks i really love Ur thoughts about India .

    • Hi there Krunal,
      Thanks a lot for your appreciation. My email address is in the “contact me” section of this site, I’d be be glad to get some valuable recommendations from a local. Mumbai has so much to offer, and I haven’t even scratched the surface 🙂

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