Maharashtra,  Mumbai

An early morning photowalk in the Fort area of Mumbai

I was just posting these photos in my Instagram stories, and it suddenly occurred to me, why can’t I post them on my own travel site? It seems we, travel bloggers, have been trained to write posts in a particular manner – it should be of a particular length, with so many ranking keywords, internal and external links, headings, paragraphs, lists and so on. Bucket lists posts. The ultimate guides posts. How to save posts. Where to stay and what to eat posts. Otherwise what? Otherwise you’ll be inevitably punished by almighty Google algorithms, lose your domain authority, lose your traffic, lose your page views, lose your potential earnings and will never manage to up your blogging game ever again. 

But to be honest, after years of blogging, I’ve finally came to realization that I couldn’t care less for traffic and Google algorithms. So many times I felt like posting a quick post on my blog, but always had to postpone it for later – when I have more free time, when I can write a longer text, when kids are asleep, when I meet my work deadline, and so on and so on. And you know what, this “later” never comes, that’s why this blog gets hardly any updates for prolonged periods of time. 

So here we go, the other days my husband and me took our baby Bruce for his first trip to the historic centre of Mumbai. And I’m sure it’s not the last one! So I just thought I’d publish these pictures as a little reminder of this lovely trip. May be this post is not very useful for my readers, but at least it’s aesthetically pleasing, so enjoy yourself! And if these photos inspire you to visit Mumbai and take a closer look at its colonial architecture, so much the better! 

When heritage buildings are taken by major banks in Mumbai, at least one can be sure they’ll be well maintained
A very inviting entrance to the garden
Inside the St. Thomas Cathedral

The beautiful Flora fountain

Baby Bruce found it all rather enjoyable
And I’m glad he did 😉
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