Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz) – a charming street in Kiev

Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz) is one of the most picturesque streets in Kiev that always attracts tourists as well as the city dwellers. It was named after Andrew the Apostle, or Saint Andrew, a patron saint of Kiev. According to the legend, after preaching in the south of modern-day Ukraine he traveled up the Dnieper River until he reached a hill where he erected a cross and foretold the foundation of a glorious city.

They often compare Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz) to famous Mortmartre of Paris. I can’t say for sure as I’ve never been to the French capital, but the street is rather picturesque indeed, with its beautiful building, cobblestones, museums and souvenir shops.  The most famous landmark of the street is the Saint Andrew’s Church, situated on the very same hill where the saint erected a cross many centuries ago.

St. Andrew's Church in Kiev

St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev

Other interesting sites in Andriyivsky Uzviz include Mikhail Bulgakov Museum – if you’re an admirer of his “Master and Margarita”, “The dog’s heart”, “The white guard” or other works, make sure to visit.

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Kiev

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Kiev

Mikhail Bulgakov monument

Mikhail Bulgakov monument

If you’re curious to know more of the museum, here is their website:

Mikhail Bulgakov’s museum

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You can observe a lot of interesting architectural forms as you stroll along the Andrew’s Descent – here is the Richard’s castle, for example

The Richard's castle (Kiev)

The Richard’s castle (Kiev)

A little further there is One Street Museum – as the name implies, it’s dedicated solely to Andriyivsky Uzviz. It houses a lot of exhibits related to the street: there are many photos, articles of clothing, postcards,  books, vintage musical instruments, photo equipment and furniture, so the visitors have an opportunity of going back in time and imagining what its was like to live in this part of Kiev many years ago.

Exhibits from One Street Museum in Kiev

Exhibits from One Street Museum in Kiev

Lots of flowers add to the charm of the street

Flowers of Andrew's Descent

Flowers of Andrew’s Descent

More Flowers

More Flowers

Andriyivsky Uzviz is also one of the most popular places for street artists – here they paint and sell their works right away.

Street artist's work

Street artist’s work

If you ever visit Kiev, hope you’ll be charmed by Andriyivsky Uzviz as much as I was.

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4 thoughts on “Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz) – a charming street in Kiev

      • Hi Anna-Marine!

        I am in Kiev for a week or so and I’m staying near Andrew’s Descent. I’m just wondering about the haggling… should I immediately cut the prices in half? What should I expect to pay for a little souvenir?


        • Hi there Kim,
          I’m not sure about the current prices, because I haven’t been to my homeland for a few years, but you definitely should haggle, as you would do in any other touristic place. I don’t think you can cut the price in half, but you can expect the final price to be around 20% lower 🙂 hope you’re enjoying everything Kiev has to offer! Have a pleasant time in Ukraine.

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