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Around India in half an hour :)

Don’t let the title of this topic mislead you, friends. I just attended a family day celebration, and the best part of the programme was the dance competition, where the dance groups represented different regions of India. This way I had a chance to feel the vibes of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, South India and Kashmir through the Indian dances. See for yourself!


dance Rajasthan 4  dance Rajasthan 1 dance Rajasthan 2 dance Rajasthan 3

dance Rajasthan

I like their performance a lot – it was very short, but so vibrant and energetic and all of us felt like dancing along with the girls! Sadly,  we didn’t have their beautiful costumes, and in jeans and T-shirts it’s not quite the same 🙂 By the way, neither of them is a professional dancer – they are just perishers of the local church in Vashi, Navi Mumbai!


Maharashtra 2 Mharashtra dance Maharashtra dance 1

This one was very humorous, as you can see 🙂

South India

South India  South India 2

South India 4 South India 3

This group engaged the participants of all the age groups, and it was interesting to see how they all performed together.

And finally Kashmir

Kashmir dance Kashmir dance 1 Kashmir dance 2

This dance was a strange choice – they decided to depict the unstable situation in the region, and kept interrupting the music with the sound of machine-guns and explosions. Somewhere in the middle all the dancers were “shot”, and I lost my interest. Other then that, the impressions from the whole event are very positive 🙂 In spite of a lot of distractions (my three little piggies :)) I’ve managed to take these photographs, and hope you’ve enjoyed them 🙂

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