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Azan from the Noor Mosque in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

I made this recording ages ago during my first days in India. After that I’ve heard many calls for prayer in different places, but somehow this remains the most masterful, or perhaps it was just the novelty effect.
Ah, and never mind the visual aspect – I didn’t have a chance to make a proper video. Also, in the end some students came and started chattering right next to me, so bare with that as well 🙂


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  • Naiwen

    Although I know the Navi in your article’s title is place in India, however, its reminding me of the movie Avatar, the natives on its created planet are named that way. Maybe Jame Cameron its director got inspired from this place on Earth to name his Aliens. Its just my own conjecture about it though. Anyways, its a very nice and unique one! I love it’s roofs the most.

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