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Chapati and my lack of enthusiasm :)

It seems every expat in India who has a blog dedicates at least one post to chapati – famous Indian bread:) And no wonder, it’s really a great alternative to our conventional western bread. However, in spite of staying in India for 7 years, I’m still not a chapati maker, though I enjoy eating them when someone else does the job.

The problem is, chapatis are generally made in the morning,  and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a morning type of a person at  all. It takes me time to wake up. And by “waking up” I mean something more than simply being in a vertical position 🙂 Therefore, no chapatis. I can make a small culinary masterpiece for dinner, but in the morning bread and butter and omelets rule 🙂

However, I do know the techniques, and in “emergencies” I can make a few quick chapatis. This is how it’s usually done:

Basically you need only two ingredients – whole wheat flour and water, and also a little of sunflower/olive oil and salt to taste. I take a cup (around 200 ml) of wheat flour, add 1 tablespoon of oil and salt to taste, and make a dough by adding warm water. The dough should be elastic, but not sticky. I try to knead it well, then put aside and forget about it for a while.

Then I divide it into 6 parts, roll them out into thin rounds and fry them on a thin frying pan. After they cool down, we enjoy them with our favorite side dishes. 

Here are a few photos. Sorry for the quality of the pictures – they were made early in  the morning, when my mother-in-law was cooking, and I was vertical, but not exactly awake 🙂 As you can see, we need much more than 6 🙂

chapati-11 chapati-21 chapati-31 chapati-42

And here is our maid teaching my Adriana to make chapati – the child reveals much more enthusiasm than her mom 🙂

Adriana helps prepare chapatis for breakfast
Adriana helps prepare chapatis for breakfast
She's really good at it!
She’s really good at it!
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