Christmas decorations
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Christmas Celebration 2016

Merry Christmas, dear friends, followers and readers! May your life be full of joy, warmth and kindness,  and all the nicest things. As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, getting into Christmassy mood in India is not so easy. In Europe Christmas and New Year is celebrated in the darkest and coldest season, when the twinkle lights, beautiful postcards, words of love, delicious food, carefully wrapped presents, family gatherings and anticipation of a miracle help us keep up the cheerful spirit. Even if you’re not religious, Christmas celebration is all about love, togetherness and joy. Feeling festive is a wonderful sensation, and I’d like my kids to have this experience.

So what do we do to feel Christmassy in India?

  1. Visit the nearest mall or shopping center

You can’t go wrong with that 🙂 Malls and shopping centers are the only places to see some Christmas decorations when the whole city doesn’t seem to be aware of the upcoming holidays.

Christmas in India

2. Prepare some traditional (and not so traditional) sweets to share with neighbours

I’m not sure about the whole India, but in our neighbourhood the tradition of exchanging sweets on Diwali has been extended to Christmas. We are the only Christians in our apartment complex, so the Christmas part of exchanging sweets is surely on us 🙂  The kids put on their Santa hats and we visit people’s homes with plates full of marzipans, cheeslings, kulkuls, neureos, fruit cake pieces and so on. I’m going to write a separate article on Christmas sweets in India, so stay tuned 🙂

On this photo, the blue plate is full of sweets and savoury snacks given to us on Diwaly, and the silver plate is what we gave to our neigbours for Christmas.


3. Decorate our home

Thanks to the efforts of my mother-in-law, who is a huge fan of Christmas, our home looks as Christmassy as possible. There are lots of lights, garlands, posters, cute little things and, of course, a beautifully decorated tree.

Christmas decorations Christmas decorationsChristmas decorations

4. Buy a Christmas plant

Can you think of a plant that would look more Christmassy than Poinsettia? I can’t. We went to a local plant nursery, and Adriana selected this plant for our perfect Christmas setup 🙂

Christmas plant

Christmas plant

5. Presents!

Not only Alexandra and Ares, but even 8-year-old Adriana still believes in Santa Claus. Why not? May their lives be full of magic for as long as possible 🙂

All three little elves are about to open their gifts!

You can’t imagine what it took me to make this three stay in one place for a photo – from begging to blackmailing! But that was fun 🙂

Christmas presents
Alexandra has got a new puzzle
Christmas presents
Adriana and Ares are opening their gifts
Christmas presents
Too busy to look left or right 🙂
Christmas presents
Having my mom to celebrate Christmas with us feels so special

 6. And the dinner part

Roasted chicken, biryani, fried potatoes, salads and sweets.. To say we were stuffed is to say nothing 🙂

Christmas dinner

7. Watch a Christmassy movie

It’s hard to believe, but I’d never heard of “It’s a Wonderful life” until stumbling upon it on the net the other days. It seems it’s on the American TV every Christmas, just like “The Irony of Fate” in Russia and Ukraine. And it didn’t disappoint.

So, that was it. Wishing you a very happy festive season!






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    • Antonina

      Thanks, Agness. And yes, we had lots of fun! Our New Year Eve, on the contrary, was very quiet – a simple dinner at home and firework watching. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays.

  • Shaunak Goswami

    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed reading the stories that accompany your experiences here in Mumbai. I eagerly wait with anticipation for your latest posts. Enjoyed the little introduction here, almost felt that I was here in Mumbai with my Mother. Would like to take this opportunity to wish you & your loved ones a very happy, prosperous New Year & a merry “Orthodox Christmas”.

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