Indian festivals

Dandiya dance with us :)

What a disco club I have under my windows these days! Dandiya dances are performed with a lot of dedication during the Navratri festival, devoted to the Mother Goddess. Actually, dandiaya is a Gujarati dance, but here in Mumabi it’s quite popular too due to the huge Gujarati diaspora, and to be honest, it’s one of the most vibrant folk dances I’ve ever seen.

It’s performed with two sticks representing the swords of Durga, and the whole dance is a mock fight between this goddess and the demon Mahishasura. Observing the dance, I’ve noticed that although it’s rather simple, some of the  dancers excel in complex moves of arms and feet, and also in twisting and whirling their bodies in all  possible ways.

Women are dressed in their beautiful outfits, and when I look at the whole scene from the window of our apartment on the 5th floor, it looks so picturesque that sometimes I have to stop myself from grabbing a couple  of dandaya sticks and joining the dancers! I bet the number of spectators gathered along the wall would double in no time 🙂 Well, st least I went out to take these videos. Enjoy the dance!


Keep dancing!


And a little more 🙂


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