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Dandiya dances under my windows (with videos)

I’ve already written about a big dancing area in front of our house where the dandiya dances are performed every year. This year is no exception: every evening the dance ground begins to sparkle with millions of colorful lights and the loud music makes my family grumble and shut the windows 🙂 It seems I’m the only one who enjoys the festival – it’s pleasant to sit at the window with a cup of tea, feel the fragrance of our neighbors’ incense sticks and observe the dancing people. I like the vital energy the dance ground radiates. As they play the same music every year, I can instantly identify every song 🙂 I don’t think I will ever join these dancing people (though a part of me would like to :)), but  I enjoy my passive participation in the festival.

If you look through this dandiya dance video I took from the roof of my building, you may notice that most of the people are dressed in white. It seems they have a particular color scheme to stick to on a particular day. A couple of days back the crowd was yellow, then green, yesterday – pink. I wonder if this is just for fun or it actually has some significance. If you know something about it, please enlighten me 🙂


From the distance it’s impossible to see the dandiya sticks in the hands of the dancers, but when you zoom it, the whole scene has a completely different feel to it – you can actually see the mock fight between the goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura


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