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Delhi, the capital city in India replete with an interesting history, is definitely a must visit for any traveller. It houses the world’s biggest Hindu temple, the country’s largest mosque and the largest shopping mall in South Asia. It also has a unique distinctive quality- as the city grew it was divided into New Delhi and Old Delhi, though not with any defined borders.

The division is visible in the lifestyle and general ethos of the places. Old Delhi is sprawling, chaotic and intimidating for any visitor, but is equally fascinating with its narrow lanes and alleys where you could find yourself in a labyrinth of shops, eateries, houses and ancient structures.

Lal Madir

Lal Madir – the oldest Jain temple in Delhi

Red Fort

The Red Fort

In comparison, New Delhi can be disarmingly intimate and tranquil due to its recent metamorphosis into a hub for business, IT, media and fashion.

It is a green city too with swaths of land dedicated to gardens, parks and woodlands.


The garden area surrounding the Lotus temple

With the emergence of new cities like Gurgaon and Noida which have developed close to its heels it is remarkably diverse with dozens of languages, ethnicities and nationalities thriving side-by-side.

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The city is spread out far and wide and the newly developed cities are not within easy reach. Most visitors rely on taxis, auto rickshaws or public transport for mobility. Traffic jams in the city have always been an issue and the metro has been a great initiative to ease out these woes. Although the network is clean and efficient there are hurdles to surmount too.

Best way to get to the epicentre

Whether one visits Delhi, Noida or Ghaziabad, a long journey from the airport is definitely not welcome irrespective of the purpose of the visit.

A business traveller aims to head to his business meeting to save as much time. A day traveller seeks to get around the city without any hurdles on his way, and a tourist wants an easy navigation around the city without being bothered about the halts and stops for inter change. Whatever the travelling need is the answer to it is a self-drive car rental, something which can easily be availed of in the city.

Airport Transfers

A unique concept introduced to put an end to the arduous journeys from the airports, self-drive airport taxis are fast becoming popular among travellers. One can book airport taxi retain it for the duration of one’s stay and drop it at the airport when leaving the city. Providers like Zoommcar offer a cost-effective option to the standard Delhi airport taxi fare and offer convenience while guaranteeing that one travels in style

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