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European Oil Paintings of Prince of Wales Museum (Mumbai)

There are lots of art galleries in Mumbai, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I often have difficulties appreciating modern art. However, visiting a gallery of European oil paintings in Prince of Wales Museum (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) is always a pleasure. The gallery is situated on the second floor of the museum, and  I’ve noticed that not all the people eventually reach there – there are so many exhibits on display that it’s hard to cover everything in one go. That’s why, if you’re particularly interested in 19th century paintings, I would suggest to start your visit from there. Just enter this grand Indo-Saracenic building …

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… and go straight to the second floor

Prince of Wales Museum interior

There you’ll be welcomed by Sir Ratan Tata. The collection of paintings actually belonged to him, just  like many other collections of the museum.

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Here you can see the paintings of many artists who didn’t search for shortcuts and didn’t try to justify the lack of talent by presumably original concepts. When I look at these works of art, I don’t feel cheated – they are beautiful and inspiring. There are paintings of Pestonji Bomanji, Bonifacio Veronese, Edwin Ward, William Strang, Daniel Maclise and many other artists in the gallery. Here are just a few of them:

Prince of Wales Museum European iol paitingsPrince of Wales Museum European iol paitings Prince of Wales Museum European iol paitings Prince of Wales Museum European iol paitings Prince of Wales Museum European iol paitings

Address of the Museum:

159-161 Mahatma Gandhi Road,

Fort, Mumbai – 400023

Maharashtra, India.


+91.022.22844484 | 22844519


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