Explore India through its cuisine: Dahi Vada – my favorite Indian breakfast


Refreshing, smooth, delicious and tender – these are my words to describe this dish. Generally speaking, it’s considered an appetizer, but for me it’s a full breakfast – light but nutritious and tasty – what else does one need to be happy? 🙂 It’s not difficult to make it, so if you will like inviting India to your kitchen, why not starting with dahi vada?

The list of ingredients you’ll need :

Urad daal (black gram) – one cup (200 to 250 g)

Water to use when grinding – half a cup

Oil for deep frying

Jeera (cumin) powder – half a teaspoon for the batter

Salt – as required

Well whipped yogurt – two cups

Water to make your yogurt thin – as required

Red chili powder and roasted jeera (cumin) powder – for garnishing, as required

Chaat masala – for garnishing, as required

Optionally, you may garnish the dish with finaly chopped mint leaves and/or coriander.

Note: Chaat masala is a mix of powdered dry mango, ginger, cumin, coriander, black pepper, chili and asafoetida. If it’s not available in your place, just grind your favorite spices, and if you’re not very particular (like me), it will do.

Making your recipe

 Soak the black gram overnight. Drain off the excess water, add half a cup of fresh water and grind your gram in a blender.Put the batter into a bowl and add half a teaspoon of jeera powder and salt to taste. Use a spoon to whip your batter to make it fluffy.

Heat the oil for deep frying, then wet your hands and form a small ball out of batter, perhaps a couple of cm in diameter. Deep fry three – four balls (vadas) at a time until they are golden brown. Place them on a plate and let them cool down. Then put them in the water for around 15 to 25 minutes. Take them out and squeeze a bit to get rid of the excess water.

Put a few vadas in each serving bowl or platter and pour thinned yogurt over to completely cover them. Sprinkle all the spices you’ve prepared and garnish with finely chopped leaves (if you choose to do so). Let it cool in the fridge and here we go, bon appetit 🙂


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