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Exploring Mumbai places of worship – the Afghan Church


On my quest for all the most beautiful churches and cathedral of Mumbai I couldn’t skip visiting the Afghan Church – I’d heard a lot about it, but fortunately hadn’t seen the photos, so its exterior took me by surprise, just like St. Thomas Cathedral.

To make a long story short, the Afghan Church won my heart at first sight. The moment I saw its spire I knew it’s going to be my type of building.

Afghan Church Mumbai

And I wasn’t mistaken – I liked its Gothic restrained dignity and simple beauty. The church was built in the memory of the British soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the battles of the First Afghan War (1838 -1842).

Afghan Church Mumbai Afghan Church Mumbai Afghan Church Mumbai Afghan church Mumbai Afghan Church Mumbai

You won’t find an abundance of decorations and intricate stonework in the exterior of the Afghan Church. The structure is a bright example of the Victorian Gothis style of architecture, with simple yet elegant forms.

Afghan Church Mumbai

Afghan Church Mumbai

I didn’t have a chance to see the interior, though they say the stained glass windows of this structure and the effect created by the sun rays coming through is well worth seeing. The church was closed, so I made sure to take my time over examining he exterior in every detail – as you can judge from the pictures, it was rewarding enough. I especially liked the combination of creepers and the old stones of the structure.

DSC01283 Afghan Church Mumbai

If you look up, it has more resemblance with a fortress than with a place of worship.

Mumbai Afghan Church    The territory around the Afghan church is not very well maintained, but it goes well together with the solemn grimness of the structure itself.

Afghan Church Mumbai

If you’d like to attend the service, I would advise to come on Sunday. I haven’t found the exact information about the timing, but it seems to me that it’s closed all through the week and opens on Sunday when the mass is held. As for me, I would definitely come back to touch its stone again and get that feel of old forgotten epoch that never ceases to fascinate me in places like this.


Location :

Nanabhai Moos Marg, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005


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