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Exploring Mumbai: when a heritage building chooses to leave


There is so much character to each and every single building in the historical center of Mumbai that sometimes it seems to me they can choose their destiny themselves instead of entrusting it to people.

A heritage building may become a big and ostentatious bank, showing off with its neat facade and sparkling windows.

It may host a library, museum or an art gallery, accepting its visitors with lots of confidence and self-belief.

It may turn into a grand hotel, generously giving you an idea of what it used to be like to live in a house like this.

It may be someone’s poorly maintained, but dearly loved private property.

The options are literally countless, but sometimes a beautiful building of the past rejects them all and chooses to leave. It’s hard to handle reality when you can’t stop feeling that you belong to another time. And after a number of poor attempts to adapt this building gives up and decides to go where it came from – to the past. People can try to return it or let it go – either way is fine, the final decision is not up to them anyway.

But what people CAN do is look at it, admire it, respect it and preserve in memory every detail, especially its beautiful stonework tightly hugged by the roots and brunches of the trees. Everyone loves to leave with dignity, and a heritage building like this well deserves it.

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