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Fauna of Navi Mumbai

Looking at  the images of this city, one can hardly believe it’s full of four-legged inhabitants. However, it’s true. I kind of expected to see cows and elephants, but in reality the fauna of Navi Mumbai turned out to be even more diverse.



Goats, for example.


Do you think this photo was taken somewhere at the meadow outside the city? Not at all, it’s a school stadium during the monsoon! And it’s a paradise for the goats of Navi Mumbai 🙂


But if you think they limit themselves only to this place, you’re badly mistaken 🙂 This one is rather comfortable at the kids’ playground. And my kids are more than happy to have such a playmate 🙂


Of course, there are cows.


And elephants, real and artificial. It’s not easy to feed such a giant creature, so his master takes him along the streets where people give him fruits and … money. He gladly eats the food. As for the money, he carefully takes useless papers in his trunk and passes them to his master. after that the animal gently pets the giver’s head, as if expressing his gratitude or giving his blessing.


Dogs, dogs, dogs… there are so many of them around. There was a female dog in our compound who kept having puppies one batch after another, until she filled the whole neighborhood with younger copies of herself. This is what we call a successful reproduction 🙂



Strangely enough, you can hardly see any street cats over here. And there are no many pet cats either.

Bunnies at the petrol station 🙂 I don’t know why and how, but I really saw them cuddling and playing peacefully, while the cars and bikes kept appearing and disappearing with their tanks full.


Roosters and hens are the least lucky here. Usually a chicken shop has a small backyard where the poultry runs around or sits in the cages. Well, rest assured the meat you buy there is fresh – it was flapping its wings just before you came.


We also have horses – they give rides to the kids.Whenever we go to [url=]Vashi mini seashore[/url], horse riding makes my daughter’s day.


But not only kids have this advantage – this horseman is heading to his own wedding! Tell me there isn’t some romance left in this world. Or it’s just pure ritualism?


As you can see, the fauna of Navi Mumbai is no less original than [url=]its flora[/url]:)

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