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Flowering trees with orange blossom in India and ship wrecking in the Florida Keys

Today on my way to the supermarket I decided to drop in the nearby garden and spend a few pleasant minutes photographing the flowers. It was my way to reward myself in advance for doing the boring job of buying groceries. One of the flowering trees was especially captivating with its vivid orange blossom.

Orange blossom

The flowers were very photogenic and I had to stop myself from taking a picture of every single one on the tree.

Cordia Sebestena

I smelled them, but the fragrance wasn’t very distinct.

Smelling teh flowers of the Geiger Tree

After coming back home I did a quick search on the net to find out the name of this tree. It wasn’t difficult at all – apparently, there are not so many flowering trees in India with orange blossom. It’s Cordia Sebestena, native to the American tropics. The tree is also widely planted in  the tropical and subtropical countries worldwide. Some of the other names of this plant include Scarlet Cordia or Geiger Tree.

The latter is after John Geiger – a maritime pilot who made a huge fortune by rescuing wrecked ships at the Florida Keys – a coral cay archipelago situated to the south of Florida. Southern Florida is full of these plants, but I’m not sure what Mr. Geiger had to do with that – perhaps he planted the trees or simply liked the flowers. Whatever the reason was, it’s a  beautiful way to immortalize one’s name. I wouldn’t mind my name to be forever associated with an elegant flower 🙂 But I assume all of these are already taken? 🙂

Flowers of India Flowers of India Flowers of India Flowers of India Flowers of India Flowers of India

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