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Flowers in India – red, orange, yellow, auburn, crimson, pink…

There are many wonderful flowers in India, though, to be honest, there could be much more, considering the warm climate. Anyway, I’m extremely fond of flowers, and I’m pretty sure that every interesting bloom I’ve seen in India over the years has been carefully photographed 🙂 An interesting observation – red, orange, pink, yellow colored flowers are definitely predominant in India, and it fits so well into the general image of the country – bright, sunny, warm and hospitable. Here just a few of my favorites.

flowers India
flowers India 1
Yellow Mallow
flowers India 2
flowers India 3
flowers India 4
Scarlet Cordia

flowers India 5

flowers India 6

flowers India 7

flowers India 8

flowers India 9
Queen Sirkit Mussaenda

flowers India 10

flowers India 11

flowers India 12

flowers India 13


flowers India 15
flowers India 16
flowers India 17
Combretum indicum (Chinese honeysuckle)

flowers India 18

flowers India 19

flowers India 20
Calliandra (Powder Puff flower)

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