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    So I went to see the comedy 9 lives last night with my mum. I’d like to review it in 7 parts : Genre, Plot Review, Major Characters Review, Dialogue Review, Actors’ Play Review, Final Thoughts and Rating

    Genre : family, general, comedy

    Plot review : A multi-billionaire’s disconnected with his wife and child, when his daughter asks for a cat as a birthday girt, he steps into a queer pet shop and gets into the body of a cat.

    It’s plot was an original one, a very imaginative and creative one, a never-seen one before.

    Major Characters’ Review : I quite enjoyed all of them. All of them had a big part, I liked especially the villain and his ex-wife, Madison, although a little bit too selfish imo.

    Dialogue Review : full of intrigue, full of wit, full of intelligence.

    Actors’ Play Review : well-played, good cast, all of them, particularly the main little girl Rebecca Brand.

    Final Thoughts and Rating : I quite enjoyed it a lot. I found quite entertaining and light-hearted, I loved the Mr. Brand in cat form Mr. FuzzyPants, I’d give it an 8/10 for me.

    Did you see it? If yes, what’s your thoughts about it? If not, well then, go and see it.



    [quote quote=17029]he steps into a queer pet shop and gets into the body of a cat.[/quote]

    These movies where a protagonist gets into a body of an animal always give the audience a new perspective. Glad you enjoyed it.



    And here is a trailer in case someone is curious.


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