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Revisiting the Ganesh idol making workshop. Transformation

A few weeks ago my son and me visited a Ganesh idol making workshop located close by. Both of us enjoyed watching the artisans at work, though, as I mentioned before, I would prefer to see these murtis unpainted – this way the sculptures look more authentic, to my mind. Anyway, I’m just a mere observer at this festival, so my way is to enjoy the aspects I understand and not to question the necessity of those I don’t. The streets are getting decorated with lights, the temples are rising and slowly taking their final shape, and Ganesh idols are ready to move to their new homes. Here they are, colorful, bright and diverse – everyone can choose according to their likes.

Ganesh murti Ganesh idol Ganesh idol

As for me, I liked this one the most – to be honest, the combination  of black, red and gold makes him a bit demonic, but he looks so original compared to other colorful designs.

Sophisticated Ganesh murti
Sophisticated Ganesh murti

Dozens and dozens of painted idols are waiting to be taken home and worshiped.during the days of Ganesh Chathurthi.

Ganpati idols Ganpati idols Ganpati murti Ganpati idols DSC03348

By the way, a couple of days back I found this interesting article explaining how to keep a Ganesh idol at home. When I visited our friend’s house and saw the whole Ganesh related setup, I knew there were lots of things to be taken into consideration, but I didn’t know they were THAT many 🙂

Ganesh murti


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