Healthy eating when traveling in India
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Healthy Eating When Traveling in India

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India is a country of diversity. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India has a mini-world covered under her watch. From different places of natural beauty to cultures, languages to clothes– India perfectly justifies the proverb ‘unity in diversity.’ And amidst all these diversities, how can you expect their food to be all the same in all the regions? The period of Islamic invasion and long days of colonialism period did not fail to leave an impact on the traditional Indian food culture. And such variations do not always go well with the stomachs of those who are visiting India for the first time or who are not well habituated with Indian mix and match food culture. So, the inevitable question arises – how to stick to healthy eating when travelling in India?

Healthy eating when traveling in India
Vast array of dishes to try.
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As India has the title of ‘Country of spices’, Indian food does not often go well with European or American culture. Travellers tend to have a knack towards experimenting with foods and those incidents mostly lead to a serious health issue. So, before you jump into the fun of experimenting, why not learn the health aspect first? Have a look.


1. Wash your hands often

While you are travelling in India, wash your hands before eating anything; especially if you are roaming around a city. Indian cities are often congested and not every part of it is perfectly clean. So, it is wise to clean your hands every time you eat anything.

Washing hands
Wash your hands as often as possible when traveling in India
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2. Avoid street foods

To be honest, Indian street food can actually give you the perfect taste of local food, but they are not prepared with the hygiene in mind. So, if you are not habituated eating Indian street foods, stay away from it to avoid food poisoning.

Street food in India
Avoid street foods, no matter how tempting and cheap they may be
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3. Say no to spicy foods, especially chillies

India is famous for the taste of its spices and as a traveller, you might be provoked to taste it. But, if you want to complete your India trip without any health issues, it is wise to stay away from red and green chillies. Spices often act as a mild laxative substance, and it does not go well with Western physiology.

Who hasn’t heard of an abundance of chillis in the Indian dishes? 🙂
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4. Consider going veg

According to a survey, India has the lowest rate of meat consumption in this whole world. Although there are good shares of people who eat non-vegetarian food, it is safe to avoid meat in India. Also, meats are not well preserved in India; mostly they are hanged from a hook at the meat stall, and you will see no sign of hygienic measures whatsoever. In comparison to meats, vegetables are well preserved, and India is mostly an agricultural country, so vegetables are much safer to consume while travelling in India.

5. Drink only bottled or purified water

Drinking water is a big deal in India. It is not at all safe to drink tap water in India. So, always go for sealed bottled water or purified water. Also, if any bottle’s seal seems to be broken or re-used, try not to drink it. Or else, diarrhoea will be on its way!

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6. Say no to foods that are being sold on buses or trains

Mostly all these foods that are being sold on buses or train have any hygiene measures, and you never know where it has been packaged. These kinds of food items are the most dangerous ones.

7. Eat from busy restaurants

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Always trust the restaurants or eateries filled with customers at any time. You can trust these restaurants blindly as they will never serve you any rotten food item.

8. Take probiotics

And keeping your probiotic handy is the safest thing you can do while travelling in India: it will keep your digestive system prepared. It would be best if you can take probiotics on a regular basis.


India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world if you are in search of diversity. From its people to its scenic beauty, you will surely cherish the memories forever. However, such drastic diversification might not go well on your stomach. So, follow the tips on healthy eating when traveling in India and choose your meals carefully. Happy Traveling!

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