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Kulfi ice-cream (an Indian frozen milk dessert) – the best ice-cream in the world!


India is not a country where you can get a large variety of dairy products. I think you can hardly count them on the fingers of one hand. That’s why I was so surprised to discover kulfi ice-cream – a dessert with an absolutely heavenly taste!` I suppose the main difference of this ice-cream from all the other varieties I’ve ever tried is its density and rich creamy flavor. It’s made by boiling and continuously stirring sweet milk until it’s quantity is reduced by a half. Then, of course, the mixture gets frozen in the molds. As a result you’ll get a wonderful ice-cream like this.


Or they can cut a slice for you, if you prefer it this way. My daughter does 🙂


They often come with buckets of kulfi to the parks and other places with a large number of people spending their leisure time. However, I wouldn’t recommend to go for that ice-cream, in spite of its democratic price (hygiene, again hygiene). It’s more preferable to attend an established shop, where they’re are concerned about the reputation of the place and, therefore, won’t poison you and run away 🙂

I love the taste of pure kulfi ice-cream, but there are other varieties with additional flavors. The best I’ve ever tried were pistachio and mango. But you can also opt for rose, chocolate, grapes, saffron, cardamon, strawberry, orange, apple and what not!

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