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Meeting expats in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

In spite of some emotional issues I had when getting used to living in India, I wasn’t very eager to meet people from my own culture. I’m not sure why. Perhaps one of the reasons was my attempt to deal with the situation on my own – if I found an understanding person, I would definitely end up complaining about million things like spicy food, noise, heat, clashes of culture, language barrier… And complaining is something I really don’t like to do. Besides, when I avoided meeting expats in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, I was wondering whether the concept of being compatriots was still important in the modern world, when the planet is getting smaller and smaller, when it’s possible to be born in one country, to study in another, to get married in the third one, and to live the rest of your life somewhere else altogether.

Apparently, it’s still important. When I finally decided to come out of my shell, I discovered there are quite a few Russian and Ukrainian girls living in different parts of Navi Mumbai. It’s amazing, but every time we meet I feel emotionally refreshed and full of energy – perhaps it’s a magical effect of something as simple as speaking one’s native language. We don’t meet very often, just once  a month or every two months – everyone is busy with their families, kids, jobs, but these occasional meetings give a considerable relief from unavoidable tension one experiences in incredible India.

We meet at the local mall…

expats in navi mumbai 1

visit each other (this is one of the girls, Tanya, with my daughter) …

expats in navi mumbai 2

celebrate birthdays …

expats in navi mumbai 3

and so on 🙂

[url=]Meeting IndiaPalette forum users in Mumbai[/url] was very rewarding as well 🙂

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