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Mogra and other white flowers of India

Here are some of the white beauty I’ve collected in India over the years. Going through the gigabytes of my flower photography, I’ve noticed that I don’t have a single picture of my favorite white flower in India – mogra, or Jasminum sambac, or the Arabian jasmine. Thanks to its sweet smell it’s used  for perfumes, and I never forget to buy a small container of mogra aroma oil when I go to the Crawford Market. A lot of Indian girls decorate their hair with miniature mogra garlands, and sometimes I do the same for my little daughters 🙂 Anyway, here is mogra (not mine) :

white flowers India 1Image source

And here are some of the other white flowers (all mine 🙂 Though I think yellow, red and orange flowers look especially Indian, thanks to their warm shades, white has its own charm. Bougainvillea is one of the most widespread varieties here. Back home in Ukraine people take a lot of trouble to grow this exotic plant, but in India it grows like weeds, splashing its pure white or bright pink here and there.

white flowers India
white flowers India8
White shaving brush tree (Pseudobombax ellipticum var. alba)
white flowers India 2
Chinese Ixora
white flowers India 3
Crape Jasmine (Moonlight, Carnation of India)
white flowers India 6
white flowers India 7
This is a mysterious one, couldn’t identify it.
white flowers India 9
white flowers India 10
Another mysterious one. If you know its name, please let me know in the comments.
Frangipani (plumeria)
Frangipani (plumeria)
Grand Crinum Lily
Grand Crinum Lily




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