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Movie theatres in Navi Mumbai – is there a better choice?

Watching a good movie in a movie theatre is one of the things I miss in India. I wouldn’t say I have an extremely sophisticated taste, but it still goes further than Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters movie theatres in Navi Mumbai have to offer. [url=]Listening to the national anthem[/url] before the show starts is another thing that makes me uneasy. Back in Ukraine it was possible to find a place to watch Bertolucci’s and Wim Wenders’ beautiful works on a big screen, and going there was like a ritual for me. Firstly, it meant meeting some nice friends before the movie starts and discussing whatever happened in our lives. Then the movie itself in the darkness of a cosy hall, than walking along the streets of the city at night and talking the scenes  over… Or having a a cup of coffee in one of our favorite cafes.

Well, I feel going to the movies with my husband wouldn’t be less fascinating, but the problem is there is nothing to watch. If anyone knows any alternative place in Navi Mumbai, please let me know.

Anyway, I still look through from time to time and we take our older daughter Adriana out to watch a cartoon or a movie for kids. This year, for example, she has seen “Frozen”, and it was the most wonderful experience, every blow of 3D wind with snow made me shiver, unlike the rest of the audience, who most probably doesn’t know what it’s like in real life. And here she is, Elsa, the most charismatic Disney character ever.


Then it was “Walking with dinosaurs”, and considering Adriana’s obsession with these prehistoric creatures, she was more than  happy to see the movie.


Lastly, she saw “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, and though it was just another silly and boring action stuff, she was glad to see her favorite characters.

ninja turtles

Here you can see her interpretation of these four. Aren’t they much more handsome than the originals? :))


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