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2018 was undoubtedly one of my best years where travel is concerned, and I can’t help feeling a bit sad letting it go. The upcoming year is going to bring some major changes, and very exciting ones (later about that), but I hope the travel aspect of my life will remain inspiring and worth talking about on this blog. But anyway, let’s just look back and see where my wanderlust took me in 2018.


Ah, that trip. It was an absolutely magical experience, mainly thanks to the ethereal Mahabat Maqbara. I kept referring to this visit all through the year on my blog, and sometimes I had to make a deliberate effort to reduce the number of Mahabat Maqbara related posts on my social media pages. But that just goes to show that I was really overwhelmed with the effects of this mystical structure. If I ever felt like in a fairytale, it was when I climbed the stairs encircling the Magbara’s minarets.

Being an inquisitive visitor of the Mahabat Mqbara in Junagadh 🙂

However, the Mahabat Magbara wasn’t the only site worth visiting in Junagadh. Not being big on the tourist map, this less known city in Gujarat has a fair share of things to offer to a traveler – here one can make a trip to the temple-studded Girnar Hill, see the ancient Ashokan edicts, explore the Uparkot fort with the most unusual stepwell within its walls (Adi Kadi Vav), and walk through the galleries of the local Darbar Hall museum.

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I didn’t expect much from Pune due to some preconceived notions, but what a pleasant surprise this city was. From Shaniwar Wada – a timeless testament of Peshwa legacy, to the exquisite woodwork of Vishrambaug Vada, intricacies of Shinde Chhatri, peace and quiet of the Aga Khan Palace, Pune was a treat.

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Observing Pune from the Vishrambaug Wada’s balcony with its stupendous woodwork


Visiting the blue city of India had been on my list since forever, and I’m very grateful to 2018 for giving me a chance to tick it off my bucket list. Although Jodhpur turned out being far less blue than I expected, it managed to win my heart, and now it’s seriously competing with Udaipur for the previlege of being called my favorite destination in Rajasthan 🙂

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Jaswant Thada Jodhpur photos
Exploring Jaswant Thada, the Taj Mahal of Marwar
Jodhpur photos mighty Mehrangarh fort
‘A Palace that might have been built by Titans and colored by the morning sun,’– Rudyard Kipling of Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
Jodhpure photos Mandore garden
Mandore Gardens near Jodhpur. One more proof that flowers and ancient stone is the killer combination 😉


Located in the southwest corner of Maharashtra, the city of Kolhapur is a comfortable overnight destination from Mumbai. As it turned out, this place has plenty to offer for someone with an appreciation for architecture, lily ponds and cute little corners.

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Kolhapur New Palace
Mahalakshmi temple, Kolhapur
Oil lamp pillars of the Mahalaxmi temple


Often regarded as a mere transit location on the way to the Rann of Kutch, the city of Bhuj undoubtedly deserves more than a brief stopover for lunch. Some of the most rewarding places I’ve visited in Bhuj include the royal chhatris, a beautiful palace that defines the city’s skyline, and a quiet, secluded stepwell. Peaceful and non-touristy, Bhuj kept me captivated with its off-beat vibes.

chhatris of bhuj
Climbing the stairs of the Royal Chhatris (Cenotaphs) in Bhuj
The Prag Mahal

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The pink city of India with its iconic Hawa Mahal need no introduction! I kept my expectations high when visiting Jodhpur, and it was exactly what I imagined it to be – grand and glorious, but with all the drawbacks of utterly touristic places attached.

Hawa Mahal

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Hawa Mahal
Counting the uncountable windows of the Hawa Maahal in Jaipur


And let’s remember to explore our own backyards 🙂 With all these trips, I must admit the city I lived in had been unjustly ignored all through 2018. When I was invited to join a food tour around Mumbai in October, it was an eye-opening experience that made me regret my lack of attention to the city I owed so much. Soon after that, I made sure to explore different parts of Mumbai in order to learn more of its vast Art Deco heritage.

Rajjab Mahal, one of Mumbai’s Art Deco stunners

In the end of the year, I revisited the Elephants Island with my mom, husband, and kids.

My mom exploring the caves 🙂
A ferry ride to/from the island is always fun

So that’s it. May we all travel more in the upcoming year 🙂 Also, in
in 2019 I hope to make good choices for my family and enjoy little things in everyday life. What about you, any resolutions for 2019?

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