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My rant about playparks in Navi Mumbai

It’s no secret children love playparks. Even when I take my kids to the zoo or city aquarium they keep asking whether we’ll go to a play park as well. A toy train ride or boating is followed by lots of fun in a playpark too. There are plenty of playparks in Navi Mumbai, and I have thousands of photos of Adriana on swings, slides and climbing ladders – I’m sure every parent has a similar collection:)

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Same with Alexandra,

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and little Ares is about to join their sisters too.

I’m not one of those overprotective mamas who don’t let their kids make a step left or right without supervision. People in India have a relaxed attitude towards safety and I like it: as an example, open doors of the buses and trains kind of imply you should use your common sense and nothing will happen to you.  But I do believe in taking all the precautions where safety of the kids is concerned. That’s why I have a few questions to the manufacturers of the play park equipments in Navi Mumbai (in case they read my blog 🙂 )

The question number one – is it necessary to attach swings to the slides? I understand, many parks in India are not very big in  size and it’s a general tendency to keep the playground as compact as possible. But the danger is obvious: a child slides down, runs back to the ladder to climb again and gets hit by someone else on the swings. One would say, a child should have some common sense not to run there, but how much common sense can we expect from a small kid in excitement? Putting the swings a bit aside would solve the problem.


This is a monsoon  photo, but you can see what I’m talking about – swings are right next to the slides.

Another thing, there is no safety features on the swings for the smallest.


I noticed, however, Indian parents swing their 2-year-old smallies  really high and nothing ever happens – the kids are taught to catch the ropes/chains really tight. But why take chances?


Aren’t swings for the smallest supposed to be something like this? (photo from the net)

The height of some constructions is terrifying as well – I think an adult would have a hard time falling from there, not to mention the kids, especially when there’s a whole group of them and they keep pushing each other.

 I remember an old lady in one of the playparks gave me a piece of advice: “Relax, take it easy – it will make your daughters tough”.  Should I?


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