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My Sources of Travel Inspiration

What are your sources of travel inspiration? As for me, I don’t need much to get inspired – my bucket list is endless and it would take more than one lifetime to explore the places I have in mind. However, I do have a few sources of travel inspiration that help me set my priorities right and tailor a perfect itinerary for a trip.

Jodhpur photo spacious rickshaws

Other bloggers’ experiences

First of all, it’s other blogger’s experiences. The travel blogging world is full of talented narrators and photographers who can immediately spark your interest to a destination, even if you’ve never considered it before. I read an insane number of travel blogs on a regular basis, and it’s always a pleasure to discover a new voice in this incredibly crowded industry that actually speaks to me. I follow both India focused and international travel blogs, and thanks to them my endless bucket list is in no danger to get any shorter 🙂

I’ve visited Kolhapur after reading The Wnderer’s impressions about this city

If you’re curious what sorts of blogs I prefer, I’ve listed some of them on this page. Some of my all time favorites include:

Maverickbird – Travel, Food, Culture and Expat Lifestyle blog by Svetlana – an excellent unmatched storyteller who literally creates magic with her words. An ex-flight attendant from India, she’s visited countless countries, and her blog posts are always fresh and original. As for her photographs, not only they are a feast for the eyes, but they are usually complemented by meaningful captions which extend the ideas conveyed. And it’s thanks to her inspiring writing that I’m dreaming of visiting Kolkata, Cologne and Cairo. And I fully intend to do so when the right time comes.

The Culture Map – UK Travel Blog, written by Shing, a talented and sophisticated writer who’s sharing information spanning over 50 countries. What I like about her articles is that she often focuses on the cultural aspects, art, and architecture of every destination. I’ve been particularly enjoying her museums series.

My Adventures Across the World – The Life and Rants of an Honest Traveler. As Claudia specifies in her “About” section, she’ll never be done exploring this fascinating world and on her site, she wishes to inspire other people to do the same, whatever their age, status or budget. And she’s very good at it, I must admit! I’m totally in love with her Guyana, Peru, Cuba, and Italy.

The list of blogs I consider my sources of travel inspiration also includes (but is not limited to): Renuka’s Voyager for Life, Agness and Cez’s eTramping, Andy’s World Journeys, Brenna’s This Battered Suitcase, Mridula’s Travel Tales from India and Abroad.

Social Media

I know, it’s rather common to complain about different aspects of the social media channels – lack of sincerity, aggressive influencers’ strategies, time-consuming engagement and so on and so on. But for me, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have always been comfortable platforms for exchanging ideas and sharing my travel adventures.

And no, I have never considered deleting my accounts from social networks or go on a digital detox. And yes, I do consider them valid sources of travel inspiration. Check out Anna Karsten’s page, for example – what not to be inspired about?

Books and Movies

Yes, yes, if I want to visit Paris one day, it’s thanks to the classical French novels (Balzac, Stendhal, and Hugo in particular) and “I love you, Paris” movie 🙂

Suggested read: 15 Travel Movies to Boost Your Wanderlust and 10 classic novels that also happen to be travel books

My Family

As I mentioned in some previous blog posts, my family has never been particularly well traveled, and in my growing-up years, the geography of my “trips” was limited to my grandparents’ village in the central part of Ukraine. When I moved to India, my mom started visiting me and my kids once every two years or so, and these journeys became a real eye-opener for her. Her awakened wanderlust took her to quite a few places around Ukraine, and she’s also visited Turkey and Emirates. I guess it’s my travels that encouraged her in a way. I’m glad that my trips allow my loved ones to see new places through my eyes, and then hit the road on their own. Isn’t it inspiring enough? 🙂

Giant babobab of Hyderabad, tiny mom 🙂

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