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Photo of the week 4 – hiking with kids

One of the biggest challenges of hiking with your kids is to stop photographing them 🙂 7

6 14

Fearless Alexandra 🙂

2   5

Adventurous Adriana 🙂


– Look at these fallen leaves, it’s like in autumn. Mama, is it autumn now?

– No, sweetie, there is no autumn in India as such.

– Mama, please, let it be autumn!

– Well, let it be, why not?

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  • Hetal

    Antonina, I am so touched with your intro. I am here on your blog for the first time and now checking more posts by you 🙂 You got lovely blog. Your kids are super cute, enjoyed the small conversation you shared above, cute :-*

    I will be following your blog now. Stay in touch. Hugs!!

    p.s. If you like, check my blog too. I blog about Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel at

    xoxo 🙂

    • Antonina

      Hi there Hetal, thanks for your appreciation and I’ll make sure to visit your blog as well – fashion is something I know very little about, so it would be rather educational for me 🙂

  • CD

    Is it same Kharghar Hill ?

    There is one sort of small Garden on hill in Nerul , in between Sahyadri hospital and Venkateshwara Temple. You can try that also .

    – CD

      • CD

        Rock garden is on left of Train Station if you are travelling from Vashi. The one I was saying is on right , It shows “Mata Amrutanandmayi Math Grove” . There is one Venkatesh Temple , one Church and one Yoga center all in one line. Not exactly big garden but yes small one.

        Photos from Rock garden looks nice 🙂


        • Antonina

          Oh, thanks, it would be great to explore the area in that direction as well. We’re also planning to visit the Wonder Park in Nerul – judging from the reviews, it’s not exactly our cup of tea, but the replicas of the world’s wonders might be educational and interesting for the kids.
          I’m glad you liked the photos from the Rock Garden, I have many more and will share in one of the posts.

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