Kids,  Navi Mumbai

Photo of the week 5 – kids are happy!

Have you ever experienced the anticipation of bringing someone to a place you liked? Someone who will definitely enjoy it even more than you? The moment I saw the playground in the [url=]Wonders park in Nerul[/url], I knew my kids are going to love it. Next day their happy faces proved me to be right!

We came to the park at around 7.00 in the morning, and it was already a bit hot – the son has no mercy this summer! Still, Adriana and Alexandra played to their heart content. To make the morning even more perfect, we decided to have a breakfast in one of the local cafes (or “hotels”, as they are often called in India :)) Before we could think of an order, the girls requested their favorite “pizza” – tomato and onion [url=]uttapam[/url] 🙂

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