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Photo of the week 6 – lilies

Yesterday our housekeeper (it’s not unusual in India to have one) brought us a bunch of lilies – she gathered them in the park nearby. When I woke up, the flowers were closed, so I just put them aside and, to be honest, forgot about them. In the evening the whole house was full of a sweet fragrance, strong and tender at the same time. It was different from the smell of our neighbor’s aroma sticks, so I was wondering what could be the source of that fragrance. Suddenly I remembered about the lilies – here they were in full bloom, so gentle and beautiful. Thanks a lot, Anju, for this wonderful gift. As you can see on the photo, Ares appreciated the flowers too. Just look at the determined look at his face when he was trying to reach them 🙂

lilies lilies 2 lilies 3

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