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Photo of the week 9 – the Happiness of Feeling the Raindrops on your Feet

Observing my kids, I know there is no chance I’ll ever forget the little Happinesses from Maurice Maeterlinck’s “Blue Bird”. Today, for example, Adriana casually has added one more – the Happiness of Feeling the Raindrops on your Feet 🙂

Feel the raindrops on your feet

As for me, it’s also the Happiness of Finally being able to Ignore the Ugly Building Opposite 🙂 Yes, the same ugly building I complained before.

The monsoon is finally here in its full power, and I can’t get enough of the tropical rain – after months and months of burning heat it’s such a blessing. It’s pouring non stop and the whole city is so thirsty that it doesn’t feel like too much. Sharing a bit of it through this video – it’s a view from my window as well, with a fair share of not-so-beautiful buildings too, but, fortunately, they are hidden behind those majestic trees 🙂


Hope you’re a having a wonderful, revitalizing weekend.


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