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St. Valentine’s with kids? Why not!

As my kids grow older I’ve noticed that my St. Valentine’s day keeps losing its romantic connotations, and it’s not necessary a negative thing. This holiday was never purely romantic for me – it’s more like a celebration of love in general, when you take the occasion to say the words of appreciation to everyone who’s important in your life. Back in Ukraine we used to exchange small heart shaped cards called “valentinka” with friends, parents, grandparents and so on. It could go along with some chocolates or a cute souvenir, but giving just a “valentinka” with a few words of love written on it was totally ok. When I worked at school I used to get a lot of such cards from my little students. And where is here that infamous commercial aspect of St. Valentine’s Day  that makes people ignore the occasion? Anyway, I’m trying to give my kids a similar idea of sharing some love with everyone they appreciate, and as it’s turned out they are so excited about it that the whole celebration is always set around them 🙂 So what would you do with kids on St. Valentine’s Day?

Make a poster together

This was a lot of fun! I cut out a big red heart, then Adriana and Alexandra cut out lots of smaller hearts in different colors. Ares, who is almost 2 years old now,  chose to observe the process, fortunately 🙂  Adriana wrote the names of people they love on each heart, and then we glued them to the big heart in no particular order. That’s it!

Our St. Velentine's poster
Our St. Velentine’s poster

Bake a cake

Remember my Napoleon cake? On St. Valentine’s Day we simply make it heart shaped. Actually, I was planning to make a surprise for everyone, but Adriana demanded to include her into the project 🙂 So she mixed the ingredients, made the dough, rolled the layers out and helped me to prepare the icing.

Heart shaped Napoleon cake
Heart shaped Napoleon cake
M-m-m :)
M-m-m 🙂

Read books

We have a few books that would be suitable for the occasion, but kids have chosen “Dora loves Boots”. I love Dora and owe a lot to this cheerful little adventurer – she taught my little ones counting, colors, basic Spanish expressions and so much more. So I didn’t have any objections against her and we read “Dora loves Boots” 🙂

Reading St. Velentinish books )
Reading St. Velentinish books )
Dora loves Boots )
Dora loves Boots )

Watch a cartoon

As we’ve already read about Dora, we decided to diversify the characters when choosing a cartoon. Winnie the Pooh? Why not!


Go out!

We went to the mall, but it could be the garden, playpark or our usual spot at Vashi mini seashore. Buy your kids some heart shaped balloons, eat some ice-cream and other desserts, play together and have fun! Adriana and Alexandra surely did 🙂 Ares didn’t go as he got tired and fell asleep.

Adriana and heart shaped stuff
Adriana and heart shaped stuff
All sorts of things and no valentinkas (
All sorts of things and no valentinkas (
Flowers in  the mall  and two beautiful flowers on mine :)
Flowers in the mall and two beautiful flowers on mine


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