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Here you’ll find some articles about exploring Mumbai, traveling around India, my homeland (Ukraine) and expat life.

In the Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

Exploring Mumbai

3 Mumbai Museums You Don’t Want to Miss

Chimeras, grotesques and gargoyles of Mumbai

The Kanheri caves – a huge complex of rock-cut Buddhist monuments in Mumbai

Heritage Museum in Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai)

A visit to the Sewri Christian Cemetery in Mumbai

Wordless Wednesday: An exquisite colonial Building in Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park – what to expect?

20 excting things to do with kids in Mumbai

The Jama Mosque in Mumbai

Why do they bring tourists to the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai?

Black and White Mumbai

The Flora Fountain – the mirage of a roman goddess in Mumbai

Places of unattraction in Mumbai – Dhobi Ghat

European Oil Paintings of Prince of Wales Museum (Mumbai)

There was an old woman who lives in a shoe – the giant Mumbai Shoe in Hanging Gardens

Haji Ali Dargah – a mosque in the middle of the sea

GPO in Mumbai – now, this is what we call a post office!

The Rajabai Tower – an oriental version of Big Ben in Mumbai

A visit to renovated Taraporewala Aquarium in Mumbai – the fun in underwater world

The Gateway of India – a place loved by many, and I’m no exception

Exploring Mumbai places of worship – the Afghan Church

Exploring Mumbai places of worship – St. Thomas Cathedral

Photo of the Week: when I miss Europe

Exploring Mumbai: when a heritage building chooses to leave

My Cultural Shock: Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum

A visit to Mumbai Zoo: pictures, timings, prices and, of course, my impressions πŸ™‚

Places to see in Mumbai: J N Petit Institute Library

10 things I like about Mumbai


best of luck in 2017

Travel Tales

Adi Kadi Vav in Junagadh – one of India’s earliest stepwells

25 photos to make you want to see the Mahabat Maqbara with your own eyes

One day in Vadodara – things to do in the cultural capital of Gujarat

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park – my photo story of Gujarat’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Agra Fort – enjoying my visit post factum

Wordless Wednesday 12: Lonavla

Touristy things to do in Hyderabad

The Golconda Fort in photos

Eating among the dead in Ahmedabad

The doors of Hyderabad

One day in Ahmedabad – tips on things to do

Adalaj Stepwell near Ahmedabad – love at first step

Architectural delights of Old Goa

The charm and atmosphere of Fontainhas – the Latin Quarter of Panjim

Unexpected Margao, or My first Goa experience

The splendour of Ellora caves

One day in Aurangabad – things to do, places to visit in the City of Gates

My monsoon trip to Mahabaleshwar

Once upon a Taj, or 10 tips for visiting the Taj Mahal

Rock-cut caves of Maharashtra (Elephanta, Karla, Pala)

A visit to the Red Fort in Delhi – emerging yourself into the world of Mughal architecture

The Lotus Temple in Delhi – one of my favorite places

Memories of Delhi: Qutub Minar

Traveling in India with kids: 7 lessons I’ve learned

Black-and-white Delhi

Inviting Delhi, or What to see in Delhi on a short visit



Expat life in India

Christmas celebration 2016

Idli and vada – my lazy Indian breakfast

When dreams come true, or Of my camel ride in India

Where to buy blonde hair dye in Mumbai

Things I miss in India: big, shady, forest-like parks

Types of traditional Indian clothing I don’t wear (but perhaps I should)

Things I miss in India: swimming

My most romantic moments over the years in India

“One photo, madam!” (Being photographed in India)

Street life in India: when my universe stopped making sense πŸ™‚

The Spirit of Christmas in India

Movie theatres in Navi Mumbai – is there a better choice?

Boating in Vashi (mini seashore), Navi Mumbai

What to drink in India: coconut water!

A mysterious flower from Dadar flower market

Photo walk in Navi Mumbai, marigolds and happy Dussehra!

Being pregnant in India, childbirth and medical care (1st part)

Being pregnant in India, childbirth and medical care (2nd part)

Chilli and lime evil eye warder (nazar battu, nimbu-mirchi totka) – a fine way ti keep the misfortunes away πŸ™‚

What I like about parties in India

A gift from the gulmohar tree

The beautiful and the ugly

Photostory of one morning walk

Photo memories of my first monsoon in India

The Kharghar Hills – if you’re in searches of a scenic spot…



Indian Cuisine

Idli and vada – my lazy Indian breakfast

Indian corn on the cob with chili and lime

Chapati and my lack of enthusiasm πŸ™‚

Uttapam – fake Indian pizza πŸ™‚

Explore INdia through its cuisine: Dahi Vada – my favorite Indian breakfast

Photo of the week 2 – chikki, the wonderful Indian sweets

Explore India through its cuisine: crunchy Poha Chivda recipe with photos

Sweet shankarpali for Diwali – a nice tutorial from our friends and his mom

Kulfi ice-cream (an Indian frozen milk dessert) – the best ice-cream in the world!

What to drink in India: coconut water!

How to make an Indian tea – a simple chai recipe


St. Andrew's Church in Kiev

St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev


Easter in Eastern Europe

Maslenitsa festival in Ukraine – celebrating the arrival of spring

20 photos to show you the beauty of Ukraine

Pirogovo – a stunning open-air museum near Kiev

Odessa – a pearl near the sea in Ukraine

Mimosa – delicious layered salad from Ukraine

Varenyky – famous Ukrainian dumplings

The Napoleon cake – my imperial treat πŸ™‚

Kherson in autumn – autumn in Kherson πŸ™‚ Photo memories of my home town

My daughter in a traditional Ukrainian outfit, or Of national identity of kids in intercultural marriages

A House of One Wall in Odessa, Ukraine

Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz) – a charming street in Kiev

The shining domes of Kyiv (Kiev) – cathedrals and churches

7 exciting things to do in a Ukrainian village in summer

Big rainbow from Ukraine and a small one from India (as a bonus :))

7 traditional foods of the Ukrainian cuisinne you won’t be able to resist πŸ™‚

New Year celebration in Ukraine

Roses from my garden in Ukraine


Flowers of the Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

Floral delights

Flowers of the Indian summer

Flowers of the Hanging Gardens (Mumbai)

Lotus flowers – of many layers of cultural significance and purity of perception

White flowers of India – Crape Jasmine (Carnation of India, Moonbeam)

Flowering trees with orange blossom in India and ship wrecking in the Florida Keys

Golden blooms in Mumbai – flowering trees with yellow blossom

A mysterious flower from Dadar flower market

Flowers in India: let’s go purple today

Mogra and other white flowers of India

Flowers in India – red, orange, yellow, auburn, crimson, pink…

Photo of the week 8 – Bauhinia purpurea

Yellow mallows – with gratitude to the monsoon

Roses from my garden in Ukraine

Roses in India

Photo of the week 6 – lilies


Photo of the week 3 – the art of aging gracefully

Another interesting tree detected in Navi Mumbai


Happy reading πŸ™‚

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