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Stocking Flower Making Tutorial – my creative urge in Indian style :)

Stocking flower making tutorial

So, what is our next patriotic holiday? I have this little souvenir to give 🙂 Actually, the original idea was to make an exotic Indian flower, but, firstly, I’m not so skillful yet to replicate hibiscus or flame of the forest, and secondly, it’s rather hard to  unwind your creativity when a curious toddler has a strong desire to help 🙂 Yes, I had to stop Ares from tearing the stocking material and throwing the petals around all the time! It’s a wonderful way to spend time with older kids, however, that’s why I’ve decided to post this tutorial. Stocking flowers are fairly easy to make, so if you want to engage your child in creative and interesting activity, making this little flower will be the most pleasant experience. Not to mention that it can serve as a refreshing alternative to flags and badges on the Independence day 🙂

So, the first thing you have to do is to cut the wire for the petals. The smaller pieces – for the petals of the upper layer, and the bigger ones – for the lower one.

Stocking flower making tutorial

Then form the petals this way. Just bend each piece of the wire and join its ends.

Stocking flower making tutorial

Select the stocking material pieces of the right colors and cover each petal up. Thread the ends tightly.

Stocking flower making tutorial

Then take your stem ( a thicker wire with the stamens attached. Or without stamens, if you don’t have any) and thread each petal one at a time. Start with the smaller petals of the upper layer …

Stocking flower making tutorial

..and then proceed to the lower one.

Stocking flower making tutorial

Use the green sticky tape to cover the base of the flower and stem. It’s also a good idea to attach some leaves.

Stocking flower making tutorial

And here we go!

Stocking flower making tutorial Stocking flower making tutorial Stocking flower making tutorial

So, what do you think? Would be glad to know your thoughts.

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