My life in India,  Navi Mumbai

Street life in India: when my universe stopped making sense :)

When I first experienced the street life in India, the whole universe suddenly stopped making sense.  I couldn’t decide whether I want to jump into this chaos and explore the unknown or to run back home and hide my head under the pillow. Now, after seven years, I’m like a fish in the water on the streets of India. Judge for yourself – I can:

~ stop the beggars’ attacks with a slight movement of my hand;

~ challenge the endless flow of cars, auto rikshaws, bikes, buses and carts and actually cross the roads without my husband’s help;

~ avoid hawkers, helpers, holes in the roads, cricket players, [url=]chili-and-lime warders[/url], rats, open gutters and falling coconuts;

~ buy fruits, vegetables, clothes, streetfood, juices and what not without being cheated.

Rather impressive, no?

A lot of things around have finally started making sense. No, I’m still deeply convinced that a couple of dustbins here and there wouldn’t do any harm, and the sidewalks are primarily for walking, and zebra crossings are not just a meaningless art form,  and there is no need to blow the horns just for the sake of blowing.

However, if you stop dictating the universe your own rules and give it a chance to surprise you, the Indian streets will keep unfolding their hidden layers and rewarding you in so many ways. The other days I went I took Ares for a photo session in the local park …


and afterwards we just walked along the streets a bit, looking around and taking occasional pictures. And believe me, my sense of wonder was no less than my ten-month-old son’s. Here is just a small example – “Real men. Buy one get one free”. Really, how can anyone resist this offer?

Indian street21

Lost your keys? These guys are there to the rescue

Indian street

Here are they are – the fearless chariots of the Indian streets

Indian street1

Juice, anyone?

Indian street2

A bas-relief of the local temple

Indian street3

Good night, sleep tight

Indian street4

Here they offered to dye my hair for $ 100

Indian street5

Approaching the market

Indian street6

Sales, sales, sales

Indian street14 Indian street8 Indian street9

If you’re a housewife in India, you know how important this thing is

Indian street12

As usual, lots of [url=]marigolds[/url]

Indian street10

A small temple…

Indian street13

And a big one

Indian street15

This fellow is obviously comfortable 🙂

Indian street16

Mouth watering street food!

Indian street19 Indian street17 Indian street18

Of course I couldn’t resist and bought some 🙂


And that reminds me – my mother-in-law left a couple of samosas for me in the kitchen! Lucky me:)

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  • Claraviolet

    Well well, what can I say now.
    It seems like you are enjoying your time 🙂

    Let’s see now, India is a bit crowded, thanks to the population growth. It’s really difficult to drive or just ride in Indian roads, most of the time(Personal experience-I have a bike and it’s really hard to cover 25 kilometers in less than 45 minutes 🙁 By the way, I commute to my university by bike. ).

    Also, that offer “buy 1 and get one” is obviously not quite right 🙂
    They kinda increase the price of the product to adjust the price of the other product. I love teddy bears and that pink teddy bear is really cool 🙂
    I can go on and on but let’s stop here, for now 🙂

  • CD

    Ohh wow .. Now it seems like you have adjusted yourself in the complete indian way. Samosas and Jalebi , my mouth is just watering. If i am not wrong , are these pictures from Vashi Bus Station, Market , Temple on the way to Koparkhairane ?
    Good day ..!!!

    – CD

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