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Sweet shankarpali for Diwali – a comprehensive tutorial from my friend and his mom

When I look through my recent posts, I can’t help thinking that my blog slowly but steadily turns into a culinary website: I’ve been talking about chai, fried bananas, kulfi… Actually I’m not much into food and cooking, but it’s such a strong part of the Indian culture that one simply can’t avoid it. And why should I if it gives me the whole range of new sensations, and while some dishes are just amazing, the others are absolutely divine 🙂 Today I’d like to tell about shankarpali  – every year on Diwali celebration we get these humble but addictive sweets from our friend and his mom, and finally I asked them for a tutorial. Next year I’m going to make shankarpali myself, and hopefully everyone in the family will still like them 🙂 So, this is how they make sweet shankarpali for Diwali:

you’ll need about 500 gm of refined wheat flour, 250 gm of suji (semolina), half a cup of milk, one cup of oil or ghee, 300 gm of powdered sugar, a bit of salt and around three cups of oil to deep fry your sweets.

1. Now, you need to mix the flour, semolina, salt and powdered sugar.

2. Take  your ghee …

shankarpali 1

… and heat it on the slow fire or in the microwave oven. Add the milk.

shankarpali 2

3. Start to knead to make a dough.

shankarpali 3

It should be soft, but not sticky.

shankarpali 4

Keep kneading for about 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Divide the dough into a few balls and roll each of them (one at a time) into circles 1 cm thick.

shankarpali 5

5. Cut them into squares with a pizza cutter or a simple knife. Actually, you c an give them any shape you like, but squares or diamonds are the easiest and, therefore, the most popular.

shankarpali 6

6. Deep fry them in the oil over medium flame, so that your sweets wouldn’t burn.

shankarpali 7

7. Take out your shankarpali when they start turning golden brown …

shankarpali 8

… and enjoy your sweet Diwali treat 🙂

shankarpali 9

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