Ramkund Step well, Bhuj
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The ancient Ramkund stepwell in Bhuj, Gujarat

After visiting the city of Bhuj I’ve got an impression that it’s generally undervalued by the foreign and Indian tourists alike. The place is often considered just a stopover en route to the Rann of Kutch and is hardly recognized as a notable destination on its own. However, my experience in Bhuj was extremely satisfying as the city had a fair share of sights to offer, and perhaps a great deal of its charm was due to the lack of a usual tourist scene.

My visit to the Ramkund Stepwell

One of the most secluded and peaceful places I visited in Bhuj was the ancient Ramkund stepwell – a traditional square structure with distinctive geometric symmetry and intricate carvings along its walls, depicting scenes from the epic stories of Ramayana. Here you’ll find ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and various scenes with Ram, Lakshman, and Devi Sita.

Ramkund step well bhuj

For more than half an hour I had the entire step well completely to myself, apart from a cautious but very inquisitive mongoose who kept playing hide-and-seek with me 🙂 Although not as ornate as other stepwells in Gujarat (Rani Ki Vav and Adalaj Stepwell just to name a couple), this place is not to be overlooked when in Bhuj.

Ramkund Stepwell’s location

Although everyone was saying that it’s just across the road from the Kutch museum, it took me a while to locate this stepwell, until one of the passers-by gave me detailed instructions on where to go. Located
behind the Ram Dhun Temple, the Ramkund Stepwell is kind of screened off. Here is a map for your reference in case you decide to make your way to the site.

Ramkund Stepwell photos

Ramkund vav Bhuj
Ramkund Stepwell, Bhuj
Ramkund Stepwell Bhuj
Ramkund Stepwell, Bhuj – perfect geometric patterns
Ramkund stepwell in Bhuj
Intricate stone carvings, depicting scenes from Ramayana
Ramkund Step well, Bhuj
Ramkund step well in Bhuj

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