The beautiful and the ugly

The beautiful is the bougainvillea flowers. Recently homesickness has been hitting me quite hard (yes yes, after 8 years of coping well it’s finally my turn to complain on the blog), and to combat it I’m trying to do things I like. Taking photos of beautiful flowers is definitely one of such things. Ha-ha, do I have to say that? I guess one third of my blog posts are about flowers.

pink bougainvillea pink bougainvillea pink bougainvillea

Why these sudden attack of homesickness after many years of being comfortable in India? Well, for a number of personal reasons. One of them – my father’s death. It was hard enough to lose my grandparents while I was so far away, but with father it’s a different thing altogether – the whole life period is gone and there is no way back.

The ugly? The ugly is the building I see from my window every day.

ugly building ugly building ugly building

I remember I was so puzzled when I saw it for the first time – why would a building look like it’s just been through the bombing of the World War 2? 🙂 When I was expecting my first child I was seriously concerned what the baby would think about the ugly world with building like that 🙂 Yes, sometimes pregnant women have crazy thoughts during their nesting period when they want to keep everything clean, organized and beautiful for the new baby.

You can have a better look at the building in this video. I took it many years ago and nothing has changes since then. Nothing can be done in terms of architecture, I understand. But oh my, simple painting would certainly do the trick! 🙂



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9 thoughts on “The beautiful and the ugly

  1. hahahahah……May be it’s unique style…..hehehehe..may be resident of this building, one morning after wakeup or in an evening after finished (ya finished after hetic day) decided that they will make it diffrent from othere..may be, whatever is ugly for you, is beautiful for them…..hehehehehe

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, Antonia. We are all entitled to complain a little once in a while, it’s not good to keep things all bottled up inside ourselves. Hopefully that building will be painted soon. The bougainvillea flower is indeed beautiful, I haven’t seen one in person in a very long time.

  3. Sorry to hear about your father. My biggest fear living here in India is that I won’t get to spend enough time with my grandmother back in Latvia.

    • Thanks, Agate. I would suggest, write letters to her. I mean, old fashioned snail mail letters, with printed out photos, postcards and so on. It will make her happy, I’m sure! And you will get the feeling of talking to her.

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