Qutb Shahi Tombs. The door.
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The doors of Hyderabad

“There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin,”– said Daniel Keyes’ character in his ‘Flowers for Algernon’. Of course, he didn’t mean it literally, speaking of the doors to knowledge and wisdom. Have you ever stood in front of a closed door, wondering what is there behind? Have you ever felt that opening that door can change your whole life? Did you have the courage to knock, ring the bell, turn the handle? Were there such important doors in your life? Or perhaps you were fascinated by their beauty? Or perhaps you wondered what sort of people went through that door over the decades or even centuries?

Anyway, I’ve been looking through the photos from my recent trip to Hyderabad, and there were quite a few photos of beautiful doors. All of them look rather picturesque and I just thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put them in a separate blog post. So, the doors of Hyderabad

  1. The door to one of the tombs in the Qutb Shahi Tombs archeological park. By the way, it seems photography is prohibited in this place, or at least this is what the watchman was trying to convince me of. However, taking photos of beautiful architecture is my way of showing appreciation of the monuments, so I decided to disobey.

Qutb Shahi Tombs. The door.

The sunshine created a beautiful play of light and shadows.

Qutb Shahi Tombs. The door.

Qutb Shahi Tombs. The door.

2. The Victory Gate, or Fateh Darwaza in the Golconda fort. After capturing the fort, Aurangzeb triumphantly marched through this gate with his army, thus the name. The  door is made of teak ( tropical hardwood tree) and stubbed with pointed metal pieces to prevent the war elephants from ramming into the fort.

The Victory gate, Fateh Darwaza in Golconda fort 3. I took a picture of this little blue door from the moving rickshaw in some busy market area. Don’t you think it would be a good addition to one of those blue posts of mine? 🙂

Blue door Hyderabad

4. This door is from the Charminar. It’s rather simple and humble, but its shape is so much “in tune” with the many arches of this place that I couldn’t neglect it.

The door Charminar Hyderabad5. The door to Makkah Masjid, one of the oldest mosques in India. The doors of Hyderabad. Makkah MasjidLet’s have a closer look – the birds are so comfortable there! 🙂

The doors of Hyderabad. Makkah Masjid

6. And finally, this door is from the Hyderabad Daccan railway station.

Hyderabad doors

Wishing you a lot of beautiful and thought provoking doors 🙂


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