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The Flora fountain – the mirage of a Roman goddess in Mumbai

I’ve been to this place so many times, yet I still can’t get rid of the sensations that the Flora fountain keeps hiding its gems from me, slowly revealing them at every visit. The Hutatma Chowk, or Martyr’s Square, where the fountain is situated, is probably the hottest spot of Mumbai, and it’s hard to observe the details against the blinding sun. Perhaps in the evening or the early morning things are different. Anyway, I kind of like the mirage-like vision of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, in the middle of the hot and busy square. They say originally the monument was meant to be installed in the Victoria Gardens (remember my visit to the Byculla zoo? That’s the place). The gardens would offer a suitable place, no doubt, but the present location adds to the charm and miraculous appearance of the goddess.


I don’t think my little companion appreciated the beauty of the fountain – it was just too hot.

With Ares
With Ares

Anyway, he’ll have a chance in the future. I can imagine these fish and shells will definitely impress him when he’s older.

The Flora fountain. Fragment.
The Flora fountain. Fragment.

I’ve taken a few photos hoping that the camera will capture more than I could see, and so it did.

The FLora fountain The FLora fountain The FLora fountain The FLora fountain

Some quick facts on the Flora fountain:

Architectural style – Gothic Revival and Neo Classical

Year of creation – 1864

Material – The fountain is sculptures in Portland stone

Architect – Richard Norman Shaw

Sculptor – James Forsythe

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