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The Gateway of India – a place loved by many, and I’m no exception

Gateway of India

Looking through the photos I’ve taken around Mumbai, I was amazed by the number of Gateway of India pictures I’ve collected over the years. What makes me take out my camera every time I see this magnificent arch?


The Gateway of India is undoubtedly one of the most prominent historical sights in Mumbai. The foundation stone of this Indian variation of the Triumphal Arch was laid in 1911, but the whole construction  was finished more than a decade later. It was built in order to commemorate the visit of King George V to the city, and if you’ve seen David Lean’s “Passage to India”,  you have an idea of what the ceremony might have been like. If you haven’t, just watch the video below – I’ve cut it out specially for you:)


Being a bright example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, the Gateway of India represents a combination of different styles, and it’s built of concrete and yellow basalt.

Picture 042Picture 052 DSC01254

 The place is often full of tourists, admiring both the Gateway and the Taj hotel – not only it’s an interesting landmark, but also a place where a sea journey to the famous Elephanta Island begins. Lots of photographers keep offering their services – poor guys, things are especially hard for them these days, when everyone has either a camera or a mobile. Or both:)

100_3318 100_3320

There is also an interesting character who always tries to sell a giant balloon of the most acidic color. Why on Earth would I want to bring home a gigantic balloon as a momento from the Gateway of India? Where is the connection?:)

If you’d like to avoid the crowds and have a place completely to yourself, come early in the morning, just like my daughter Alexandra did:) While she was busy exploring the territory and running after the pigeons, Adriana was thrilled by all the ferries and boats lined up in the harbor.

00 Alexandra01 Adriana

The boats in the morning sunlight look especially scenic.

DSC08640 DSC08638

Overall, it’s one of those magnetic places that keep alluring you with their special charm. I know, it’s such a cliché to admire a touristic spot recommended in every travel guide, but let’s put originality aside this time:)


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