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The Kharghar Hills – if you’re in searches of a scenic spot…

When we were invited to the Kharghar Hills, I didn’t expect the place to be so splendid. Considering how devotedly people in our neighborhood [url=]cut down the trees[/url] in fear of a potential damage they can cause to their cars during the rains, I was not sure whether there were any spot of natural beauty left in Navi Mumbai. Fortunately, such places are still there. If you’re in searches of a beautiful scenic spot, the Kharghar Hills can offer you a lot to rest your eyes on: greenery of all the possible shades, waterfalls, panoramic views, flowers and sounds of nature – everything one misses so much in the concrete jungles of a big city.

Breathtaking panoramic views

Kharghar hills 7

Kharghar hills 8

Kharghar hills 9

Kharghar hills 10

Kharghar hills 11

The wild [url=]flowers of India[/url] reminded me the meadows of my homeland in summer.
Kharghar hills 12

Kharghar hills 14

Kharghar hills 15

And when we discovered this one, it was like finding one of those magical flowers from fairy tales, when a king gives his order to find it and bring to the palace, and the flower is hiding from everyone except a chosen person. And this chosen person is you:)

Kharghar hills 16

And these are representatives of the local fauna:)

Kharghar hills 17

Kharghar hills 19

Kharghar hills 20

I was surprised to see crabs in the streams, but it seems fresh water crabs are rather common in the Kharghar Hills.

Kharghar hills 21

Once again I had a chance to see a [url=]banana flower[/url] – this one was rather high, but in the Nerul Rock Garden  I could take a better look and actually see little bananas forming between its petals.

Kharghar hills 22

Kharghar hills 23

And the waterfalls…  So picturesque and refreshing.

Kharghar hills 6

Kharghar hills

Kharghar hills 1

Kharghar hills 2

Kharghar hills 3

Kharghar hills 4

So, the journey was pleasant and memorable. Don’t underestimate the Indian sun though, even during the monsoon. Yes, I’m a little sunburnt, so next time sunblocks is a must 🙂

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