The Lotus temple in Delhi
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The Lotus Temple in Delhi

When we were planning our trip to Delhi and Agra, the idea of seeing the Lotus Temple fascinated me more than possibility to visit famous Taj. I know that these two structures can’t be compared in terms of workmanship, artistry and general scale, but I find the concept of a giant lotus flower peacefully resting on the waters of the surrounding pools so much more attractive than the story behind the construction of the Taj Mahal. Officially known as the Bahai House of Worship, this temple is open to everyone irrespective of their religion. It’s quiet hall is perfect for putting one in a meditative state of mind. But to be honest, for me going inside was a waste. The Lotus temple is one of those structures that should be admired from the outside: it was beautiful enough in the blinding sunlight of the noon, and I can only imagine how splendid it would look in the gentle light of dawn or the bold and vivid colors of the dusk. The lawns are a slight disappointment though – I don’t know why they still go for this style of gardening in India instead of planting shady trees and bushes. Anyway, visiting the Lotus temple in Delhi was great, and I would definitely recommend it.


Slowly walking towards the temple


Seeing the giant half open flower from afar


Coming closer


Flowers near the stairs

The Lotus temple in Delhi

Resting peacefully on the water


Lawns, lawns, lawns


Blinded by the sun and the beauty of the temple 🙂



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